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Top 7 People Social Media Blew Up This Year


Traditional media no longer holds the monopoly of creating stars. For years now social media has been responsible in the emergence of today’s biggest stars.

A good example of this is Falz who pivoted from an Instagram comedy sensation into a rap superstar.

As 2016 comes to an end, here’s a list of the top 7 people social media blew up this year.

1. Emmanuella


This funny girl is Nigeria’s Queen of YouTube and the biggest social media star of 2016. Her mature acting and deadpan delivery captivated our hearts.

“I have 40 million in my account. If you think it’s easy to be rich by being gay, make your anuses available for firing” — Bobrisky

Her big break came when her video ‘this is not my real face’ video went viral. Nigerians couldn’t stop laughing for weeks. This video set her off and her videos on YouTube have insane views. She has transcended being a social media star into a bonafide star.



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