Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Toyin Aimakhu calls herself Miss, deletes her husband’s pics (Photos)

Toyin Aimakhu calls herself Miss, deletes her husband’s pics (Photos)


aaActress Toyin Aimakhu had tongues wagging today after she made some drastic changes on her instagram page. She removed all traces of her hubby Adeniyi Johnson and referred to herself as Miss.

The couple celebrated their second anniversary in July… Meanwhile, her hubby has not made any changes to his.

This won’t be the first time this is happening. Last year, Toyin announced they had split on her instagram page. They only worked it out after pleas from fans, family and friends… bb



  1. Pls remove the peck in ur eyes first, before removing Tonto dike’s own, everyone has his/own past, pls leave her alone and face ur own, haba!

  2. Christ Jesus they looked so good togther,what’s happening to the institution of marriage,lord have mercy.

  3. why u wish toyin bad thing u dis ppl? anyway am telling u dat toyin is fine with her husband nd kid nothing do her. if u don’t ave work then go nd sleep or wish your sister dis bad thing too, mumu ppl

  4. Life goes on with both..but I pray our dear LORD intervenes in our lives in Nollywood..Friends pls pray 4 us.. Devil as failed n put to shame in Jesus name

  5. My role model….,.alwz looking radiant!!!!bouh plzzzzzz…..don’t go on divorce…. I beg of u.Loving u alwz

  6. Let her do it if she wants to she’s not all that beging her for what not to divorce .there is a lot of beautiful girls out there for Niyi please go and do it

  7. fans. We all love you Toyin. Marriage is not just friendship or child bearing but full of sacrifices and patience. Just for the fact that its your second attempt, you will lose that steam and that marks the beginning of the end. Go on your knees and tell everything to the ALMIGHTY. The only solution solver. Bless u love.

  8. Toyin is don’t divorce no matter wat happen both of you should settled it is because you are married, you hav been respected among your colleagues

  9. dat is not the nest step 4 u to take go on and divorce on ur on u 2 want be be among the group sha no matter wat happen betwen u and ur husband dat is not wat can solve it u better tink well be4 it is too late

  10. Toyin Madan wo. It may look bold now but you will look foolish in very near future. Calm down your head. You have an handsome land understanding man. Don’t do it. Manage your success.

  11. If u know u’l divorce him Y did u get married @ first? Pls marriage isn’t a playing ground wia u go n cum back anytym u lyk Kilode can’t u just make tins Hapun again? Pls don’t join doze stupid ppu dt don’t av respect 4 drew spouse all bcuz dey fink dey av it All…

  12. Mrs Johnson pls f God sake no matter wat happens don’t leave ur husband f anything. I pray God will surely intervene.

  13. Single ones ar tryin deir possible best 2 get marry bt married ones ar rushin out of deir marriages

  14. Whatever, even if u spent billions more on ur face to look like goddess, you need Jesus to save your soul. Life without Christ is full of crisis

  15. At list actress and actors they shld try and learn from OMOTOLA JALAIDE EKEINDE married for so many year without media interference. There love still burning .

  16. My name sake pls i use god to beg u dont divource ur husband bcus both of u is compartable

  17. Why does she want to divorce him? Has she any other standby young man that she will marry immediately after the divorce? Does she want to stay alone after the divorce and start servicing all the married movie producers and markerters for her movies to progress? Does she want to throw away the young man to other young ladies waiting outside to grab him at no cost? Does she want to become a single mother to her unborn child that will never have the opportunity of knowing what a fatherly love means? Does she want to join the league of those “Iya n dagbe” colleagues of hers? I wish I could ask more questions. She has to use all she has to fight for the rightful owner of that man instead of allowing anger to help her throw him out to awaiting ladies outside. She should go and ask Annie Idibia (Tu-Baba’s wife) now how happy she is after all the storms. She needs to sit down and figure out + do a lot of work on how the guy would be ‘hers’. I don’t know how she will do it, but I pray God will help her. She doesn’t need to divorce at all, the world is a battle field/ground, she needs to face it and fight it squarely. The better she knows that the devil does not want anything for anybody, either in marriage, business, career or whatever. The moment you see his hand on anything in your life, the better you do everything to chase him (devil) away and shame him. God will help you overcome the devil my dear. Joy is your portion, don’t allow the devil to put you in perpetual sorrow. The Lord will fight that battle for you if you don’t give up in Jesus’ Name.

  18. you guys should stop saying what u don’t know,Anty toyin caught her husband flirting in phone #dirtychat which is bad….uncle niyi employ everybody to beg on his behalf bcoz he love is wife very much and promise to keep his head straight…..

  19. Why all dis people do useless thing like dis ? Divorce always I hate all dis nonsense u guys doing

  20. but why toyin?i can’t tell you how much i love you please never you try such thing toyin,no matter what your hubby may av done to wronged you please call him and settle amicably,i pray god help you and bless your marriage.

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  22. Why did u want to divorce dat handsome guy? No matter what may be d problem,solve it among urself and if u don’t ,I swear down if u divorce him dis minutes,d next minute d guy go remarry lol,there are pretty babes out there looking for a way to get ur husband neven d ones closer to u

  23. WELL i dont belive it tto b true but even if it is toyin all i can say is to tink of wat makes u happy and nt wat plp will tink or say always remember ur life comes first and in dis life everytin is a game cous dis world itself is a risk

  24. Toyin luv plz don’t everytin in lyf as tym a tym to b sad n a tym to b api wat matas iz wat u do wen u re sad. I knw u luv him dat y u re angry xo 4giv him let bad belle b put to shame. Tank u cas I knw u av forgiven him.

  25. Anty Toyin I love u more Dan dat .pls sweet angel don’t leave ur husband for no tangible reason pls don’t compare ur self wit dos chicken in d industry pls

  26. to me,am not surprise cus this seems to be course on Hollywood, pls just pray for them. I mean Hollywood.

  27. I dnt even if dis has but caurse for nollywood, wats deir problem. D issue btw saheed balogun nd fathia has nt bn resolved up to dis moment. Is dat a legacy or wat? Oloriburuku lopoju ninu yin oo.


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