Viral News Man Commits Suicide After Discovering His 4 Kids Are Not Really His

Man Commits Suicide After Discovering His 4 Kids Are Not Really His


This is really sad…

Some women can be heartless… 4 children!!! None of them his…

May she get what she deserves.



  1. I understand but its not enough to take his life, he can just divorce her and start a new family but before that he should go for test to see if he can have a child

    • Its not easy to divorce her and start a new family, after his wife made him believe the children are his

    • If God ask him why he killed himself, will he say it’s bcos of this issue? Yes, it’s so painful but he has no right to take his life. It’s only God that knows if that man will enter heaven…

    • Some ppl just believe that if they die, their problems will end. But they dont knw if they they commit suicide, that is the worst bcos it is quite impossible to make heaven where there will be peace. Rather he will go the worst place people are praying never to near there – HELL, and his pains and sufferings will start from d beginning. May God help us oh

  2. Seriously, Some women r so heartless. Some will sleep with another man and come the next day to sleep with their husband so that if she delivers, the husband will think the baby is his own, not knowing wat the wife has done. Seriously, how will a man know if his wife is already pregnant 4 another person b4 he sleeps with her?

  3. Chai this is wickedness of the highest level. Imagine waking up one morning to discover that all the children you call yours are not biologically yours, i understand your pain but taking your life is never the solution, RIP though

  4. Hmmmmm,what a wicked world,talking your life was not the solution, but some women are terrible. God have mercy

  5. I have been saying it that women of these days are certified cheats and whore……no need for marriage again becos it is presently useless…I have seen and heard of this cases many times…90% of the children women give birth to these days are not for their husbands….if ur wife born just do DNA test instantly but that doesn’t solve the fact that she is a cheat……the evil that has befall the earth is women

  6. This is so inhuman. Hw will she be like this. She is such an animal… Haba! This is pure wickedness

  7. The woman is still alive so who lose? The level of wickedness in some women, even devil is jelouse of them saying “how I wish my wickedness is like that”

  8. All the reason why most guys don’t wanna get married. Take it or not the era we in now one has to be extremely careful with the type of girl they choose to date. Some girls can be so wicked to the point of dating even one’s father without shame or feeling. 4 kids for fucking sake and none of them is his.. Chai.. Truly after God fear women. When a lady has cheating in her veins, only God can change her, NO MAN CAN EVER CHANGE A LADY THAT LOVES TO CHEAT.

    • Funny Enough You Men Dnt Appreciate The Faithful Ones, You Will Still Leave Her And End Up With The One That Will Give Birth To Other Pple’s Children In Ur House.

    • Exactly that’s enough reason to have 4 kids from a different man while married right.. And also when trying to air your point don’t just assume everyone is the same. I used “some” because there are wonderful ladies out there with good reputation and standing so next time don’t generalize OK.. If you met someone who fckd up, don’t use him as a reference point to other men. Happiness Uzor

    • I like ur sense of least he could have seen them as adopted than taking his life.after all his action doesn’t change a thing

  9. Aww.. This is heartbreaking.. But why?? I bet the man couldn’t bear the shame that was why he took his life. Its well.. Am happy cos God is not a man, He is watching us all. We would all give account of how we spent our lives and the work we did on earth.

  10. When u can’t go for what God has for u,n u decided to go for packaging or fashion parade, pretended, u will surly end up with such!imaging four children, does it mean dat he is impotent? U guys shld limit too much sex,so dat u can bear children, stop wasting sperm around, thinking u re doing de ladies!I don’t support Ds, God ds can kill a man for sure in my state!

  11. I understand the Man because it takes a strong Man to accept somebody else’s children and step up to the plute another Man left on the table

  12. Where you meet your woman matters a lot,2,always judge people as the react, talk, behave, Advice to others, in as much you are their friend, wife, when the opportunity of anything come they will sacrifice you for them to be spare.don’t be blind

  13. Wrong decision dude, would’ve shot her dead right in the fore head.. 4kids not yours? My Goddddd!!!!!

  14. U guys has alread judge d woman witout knowni wot d story is all about. imagn all d 4 kids is not his dat means he is impotent if not why cant he inpregnant his wife even if is one child. d man is selfish dats y he kild himself even if d children r not urs they wil grow up nd bear ur name like ur own child take care of u nd luv u as long as u luv dem but u chos 2 creat ur own death calli ur wife u r goi to hell strit wo lost is u nt ur wife she is stil alive nd stil av d chance 2 ask God 4 forgivenes nd stil live a happy life wit her children. Oga R.I.P joor

  15. it unbelieveable four children in the house none is the man’s blood was he inpotent or into something? taking his life is not helping the matter.


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