Art & Humour She Turned Down His Proposal, So He Decided To Wear His Ring!

She Turned Down His Proposal, So He Decided To Wear His Ring!


Yeah well… he’s engaged to himself now… Clement took to Twitter to share a photo of the supposed engagement ring for his babe, which she turned down.

So he decided to wear his ring… no loose ends eh?



    • anytime he looks at that ring would bring DEJECTED MEMORIES OF how he suffered rejection despite having love for that person that rejected him!!

  1. Lol….you should av gone to nearby Aboki ,sell the ring and use am chop…this recession,Ehn•••

  2. Lolzz. That’s it bro, money no go waste. But keep it for another lady, you will surely see the right one for you

  3. So you want to marry yourself abi? You should just save the ring for someone else. It looks expensive

  4. Don’t mind her she is dating you but she didn’t want to marry you, she wants you to be her mugu money spender MMS …lol

  5. I can feel ur pain bro,but next time try propose to her for inside house I mean do practical, make this kind shame no occur again

  6. Abi nah! Want elze?? When toyo baby don’t wanted to apprezation u Nd you’ll appresate yourzef! Mà gbádun ló o jàré! U doesn’t have any problems let me znap u nd put it on my spansha!


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