News Twitter Apologises For Mistakenly Forcing Over Half A Million People To Automatically...

Twitter Apologises For Mistakenly Forcing Over Half A Million People To Automatically Follow Donald Trump


Twitter users were alarmed when they woke up on Friday to discover that their accounts have quietly been made to automatically start following Donald Trump on inauguration.

Users accused the social media platform of ‘forcing’ them to follow Donald Trump on Friday before Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issued an apology.

Dorsey explained their efforts to transfer Obama off the official @POTUS account caused more than half a million people to mistakenly follow the Donald.

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Soon after Trump was sworn in as the 45th president, Twitter users began noticing his tweets on their feed despite never having followed him.



  1. Wow! Hw can dis b a mistake? Forcing over half a million to follow donald trump. If they are saying they didnt do it deliberately, that means donald trump administration hacked into their system to do so… Who knows

  2. Forcing kwa? i really don’t understand that English, how can a social media force me to do what I don’t want to do, abeg stop all these propaganda

  3. Ehen, Now I remember. I came across a news that said Donald Trump’s twitter account broke record by having over 4m followers within minutes added to his current number of followers at that time. So, it was twitter admin that caused it abi..


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