General Two NYSC Corpers Decamped For Having S*x During Lecture

Two NYSC Corpers Decamped For Having S*x During Lecture



Two corpers have been decamped from the Ogun State NYSC Orientation camp after they were caught having sex.

Skills Acquisition classes were happening on Wednesday the 7th of December at the Ogun State NYSC Orientation Camp.

Some corpers were being trained on how to enhance their writing and public speaking skills. Other were learning how to make beads. Others, make-up learning. There were the phone repairers, and a bunch of other skills acquisition classes.

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We imagine they probably decided to start their own skills acquisition class, considering many of those classes must have been very boring for them.

Unfortunately for them, the camp authorities didn’t think it was a great idea.

When a soldier caught them, pants down, sharing and interchanging skills, he marched them straight to the commandant’s office, and without even letting them speak, or explain themselves, they were decamped with immediate effect.

Decamping means that they have to re-apply for NYSC so they get to join the next batch in 2017.

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All other camp activities remained normal, like soldiers telling female corpers they can help them with good posting if they have sex with them.

The entire decamping process was done under the radar, with no statement from the camp authorities regarding the matter.




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