Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Ubi Franklin gives up, removes his wedding ring

Ubi Franklin gives up, removes his wedding ring


Triple MG boss Ubi Franklin and Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro got married in November 2015 but in the past months, their marriage has been rocky for all to see.

It started with rumours they were having problems and then Lilian un-followed him on Instagram and did not post about their wedding anniversary and this only fueled rumours. Now, she has taken an even more drastic measure and taken down his name from her Instagram account.

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Ubi himself might have just confirmed the divorce after the Triple MG CEO shared a photo of his wrist showing off a timepiece given to him by Alibaba and we noticed he has stopped wearing his wedding ring.

Or perhaps, he intentionally shared the photo to let us all know he’s done with his wedding?



  1. Celebrity wahala….this people think sai marriage na child play…. If you never dey ready to endure Abeg no involve yourself

  2. That’s just it, no rush for me, one thing is getting married and another is staying married, I want my first marriage to be the last!!!

  3. Hmmm, devil has entered, they need people 2 orient them. Bcos I believe b4 they agreed 2 marry each other there was love.

  4. So sad,what’s the world turning into,after the vows they made to each other,am scared for this generation and generations to come,what message are they trying to pass across to we that are yet unmarried

  5. I think this guy ubi frank is a down to earth guy he took this girl to be his all and all why will she leave her home with their first new born? That means she has never loved him not even for a day all she is doing is celebrity thing making him spend on necessarily even though he is cheating or any other bad habits u notice In your man you correct him that is why he brought u in as his wife u don’t expect him to change immediately put it in prayers as his wife give him yourself to the extent he will be happy leaving the house in the mornings at night welcome him with wonderful kiss and delicious dinner wash and arrange his panties, singlets, boxers, kiss him passionately when you guys are relaxing that way he will stop doing what ever that is making you angry that if he is really doing anything bad to you. As a woman that really love the hubby this should be your way of life with him no pretends. for him as the man I see him to be so gentle and calm why all this you have spent so much money in bringing this lady into ur home, please try and make up no woman is perfect I remember I watched you guys video just 2days ago where you were complaining when ever u want go play football with ur friends she doesn’t allow u I love the way u introduced her like a queen pls u guys should make up OK for the sake of the baby love you guys

  6. Dis couples dat gave mii goose pimples with dia pre wedding photos n dia wedding it sef. I been wan marry sef Well I pray they work it out…can’t waste money like dat for wedding in this buhari era

  7. young ladies can’t keep their marital home dis days but can keep 2 thugs for 6 years at same time WHY

  8. And so…what should we do abt it…just posting useless things on Fbk for pple to see and talk abt…trying to b more famous

  9. What is dis world turning into… wedding of yesterday dat is not even up to a year, broken.. marriage dey say is not by force. Y rush into marriage whn u knw u ar not ready for d responsibility attach to it.. lilian of all pple my role model. Nah wa for celebrities n deir fake life. Doing tins just to impress d public n fans…

  10. Ok naa.come Franklin no no jst come i want to tell u sm thng.ehh make sure you go wit ur new born baby,dnt leave dat baby for her ooo pls ooo.cos wht dey dos now is to look 4 a man to get married to and latter dey wil strt looking 4ward to divorce.guys bikonu make una use una head too oooo, later now u wil strt seeing dem postin on social media saying…….Wow chill out to all d single mamas in d whole world my son is now so grown my daughter is no a big girl.i dont blame Anita who said she is not ready to spend money on any expensive aso ebi agn.cos of too mch divorce dis days and be ready to pay her bch her money,,,,i dnt knw wht dey re lookn 4 agn dirvocn here and there later u strt calling urslf single mama she goat re u not ashemd of ur slf.common get lost nmchewwww


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