Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Uneducated wife sends a letter to her husband and it’s the funniest...

Uneducated wife sends a letter to her husband and it’s the funniest thing you will read today


A Kenyan wife set social media into a frenzy after the letter she wrote to her husband was leaked online.

The letter written in broken English communicated the woman’s innocent desires and spoke of her troubles while living alone in the village.

“Dear huspand, I miss very many since you go to the Nailobi, at home we are continue well and the cow has given a small one and maize has grown very much, ” the letter reads in part.

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In the letter, the woman reminds her man that when he is coming back home, he should remember to bring the gifts that he promised; a biker and a bar of chocolate.

“My rove when are you come to home bring me the baika and sokoleti you told me plisi, you telled me,” the lettter reads futher.

The woman also reports that her brother-in-law has been making advances at her although she has turned him down severally. “Yua bratha is also disturb me to do bad mannas with him but I tell him that I do with you arone, ” the letter states.

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