News Unilag Girl Perishes In Car Crash While returning From a Club In...

Unilag Girl Perishes In Car Crash While returning From a Club In Ibadan


A Unilag girl, who went to party with a Dubai returnee in Ibadan, perished in a crash alongside 3 others while returning from a night club.

The accident happened along Ring-Road, Mobil, Ibadan.

May their soul rest in peace.



  1. Her case is like that of a fly that followed a corpse to the ground….Material things are not all that matters in this world!;now her parents will be in total shock!!

  2. Chai just for the love of material things and perhaps money, She lost her life. Anyway it is still a big loss to her family My sympathies to the family, Rip to them

    • Enyia shut up there!… How do you know she’s materialistic?… Is it a crime if she’s rides with guys? Probably they are good friends or even family.. Una go just d comment shit seeking for notice….nonsense.

    • Loveth not just for material things, assuming you and I were friends I later travelled abroad maybe after some years I came back and Invites you for a visit. Won’t you come? Just be sincere

  3. Wat do people gain in clubing? I will leave my house at night when i suppose to sleep..go to club and start dancing and drinking dats madness not enjoyment

  4. This is definitely not through, the plate number of the car has shown that this is not an accident that happened in Nigeria, GistReel most of the internet stories has to be well investigated before posting, we have a lot of fake people posting what is not on the internet to cause penis and confusion.

  5. OMG! Wish they knew that would be d end of their journey in life, they wouldnt have tried going for that party…. Well, RIP

  6. So sorry she lost her life but the headline and the comment from whoever posted this is a fool. No one’s life is greater than the other. 4 people died and not just one girl.. RIP to them all

  7. Now some people ll say its devil or their village enemies is d curse… Driving in d middle of d night, drunk n tink its enjoyment…. Now u put your families to agony n pains for no reason… Useless people RIPieces

  8. RIP… That wasn’t their lucky time. That’s why it is knowledgeable and safe to ask God if it is safe for u to go out b4 going out…

  9. This is badt n I feel badt for the victims.. But the writer of this story is a very expensive.,, gigantic,,n bombastic fool. So girls death r to be taken serious more than d guys? To be realistic female population is far more bigger than males ..n why d hell would some think dat if a lady dies in a car accident with three guys makes her irresponsible.. Or materialistic ? Since wen riding in a car with a guy or dying with three guys became a sin.see make una dey reason u mumu life ooh ..they r probably friends. Fiancee ..besties anytin… We must not talk stupid 4 our page to be recognised

    • Thank u,so it only whores that can go to club,we can’t go to club with our bf again,that makes us bad……..I don’t know y pple Dont reason at all.

    • I’m so loving this comment!…. Abi it’s now a crime for we girls to catch fun with homies?…..

    • No mind this yeye pipo if them Neva carry dem babe or wife to club b4 .now they think there own is different bcos der didn’t die der

  10. From school in Lag where her parents or guardian thought she was studying to Ibadan(club).You see why parents should pray for their children that wherever they are because they can’t be 100% sure of their movement or location at every point in time,God should not let their investments over them to be a waste by guiding and protecting them

  11. life u see life now as she dye mayb she don high so she go cary highness go meet GOD GOD go say wait first i go judge ur case tomoro cus u don high chai RIP

  12. Stop throwing blames on d girl , wat is wrong to celebrate wit ur friend ,….but is just so unfortunate DAT she died along d Line …

  13. Some of you girls here saying all this can’t even spend a week without going for clubbing,or can you girls tell me weda few of you didn’t go to visit some of your friends that came back from outside the country.We shouldn’t blame the dead now because it is already late another thing it was not just the girl that one’s life is greater than the other.RIP to the deceased

  14. It might be her bf,we all go to see our loved ones in other states once we not with parents…….r.I.p to her.

  15. Hummmmm God pls have mercy Rip guys so painfullll Like dey said notin is in dis life no one knows wen it turn will come. Many of u keep saying it d love of money have u not been to a party before or what it der time so dey have to go. Dear lord help me achieve DAT which u have sent me to do ,lord have mercy let us d remaining ones not go like dis Amen

  16. Some people here are just being unnecessarily judgmental…. How can y’all conclude she’s after material things and that cost her life?…some people really have bubble gum stuffed up in their heads in the name of brain…. Is it a crime for her to go catch some fun and celebrate with friends?… Besides it’s the death of 4 ppl remember.. Not just d lady? So if materialism led to the death of the lady in question… What led to the death of the guys?…. Make una use una head abeg… If I vex eh…

  17. Victor, gistreel was the poster. He/she explained they were three boys and a girl but the link tells us ‘unilag girl’

  18. ʏօʊ ċaռ ɨʍaɢɨռɛ ɨʄ sօʍɛօռɛ ɦaɖ asҡɛɖ tɦɛʍ ռօt tօ ɢօ ɨt աɨʟʟ ɮɛ as ɨʄ ʏօʊ aʀɛ ɖɛքʀɨʋɨռɢ tɦɛʍ ʄʀօʍ tɦɛɨʀ ʄʀɛɛɖօʍ


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