General UPDATE :- Missing Abuja Ladies, Kidnappers Demand $300,000 Ransom

UPDATE :- Missing Abuja Ladies, Kidnappers Demand $300,000 Ransom


It has now been confirmed that missing ladies, Veronica Otogo, Bisola Mohammed, and gentleman, Damilola Oribuyaku were abducted. And their abductors are demanding $300,000 – N150million ransom.

A relation shared this on Facebook yesterday:

Join Our Prayers for the Safety of Damilola
Engr. Oribuyaku is a family friend. His son, Damilola who just returned from schooling abroad went to have ice-cream at Coldstone, Wuse II Abuja on Friday with two of his female friends. As they were about to get into their cars, a jeep blocked them. The rest was like like a horror film. They were taken and driven off. The abductors are demanding for $300,000.
Engr. Oribuyaku is a hardworking man who has built his businesses with clean money.
He doesn’t have that kind of money.
Please, join us in praying for the safety of these young people in the hands of these criminals. May God let us find them alive and in one piece.
N.B: One of our brothers was hit on the head with the butt of a gun in front of this same ice-cream parlour at Gwarimpa last year. Criminals now target places frequently visited by the middle class. Let us be security conscious as Nigeria is going throug a very hard period. May God save us all from evil, ameen.

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  1. WHAT!!!..This is an excess and ridiculous amount of money to ask for!!!!………Are they related to the president


  3. 300,000 dollars is equivalent of N147,000,000 or thereabouts.It seems this Damilola guy mistook the taller of these two ladies for Zahra Buhari.

  4. The Parent Of Those Ladies Maybe A Wealthy Who Don’t Help People So That Serves Him Right

  5. Aaaah!!! Kidnappers, 300USD just like that… E sofo ni oooo…. E eazy to get money… Inside must be among them. Well if u av d money pay because life is much more dan money… Ara aje tami oooo. 300,000usd=135,000000M. No u know y I shout

  6. Hmmm its quite a big amount and ungodly act o but first nd foremost..,wh ar their parents…?. if they ar 9ja politicians dats means dey can afford it.

  7. What a huge amount of money, there are many people he would have kidnapped to get that amount of money

  8. Mehn i trust my nigerian police mark this comment them go catch this dude in no time jare goons way bad pass am come them catch them so him own na training for them..

  9. Who the hell are this ladies…that are worth such amount of money… Well I just pray they are released 2 there families…by God’s grace because only him can save them not even the money…

  10. Hmm this world has already turned to somthing else, the kidnnaper are heartless, were do they want them to get that kind of money, unless the kidnnapers knws thier wealthy oo

  11. This is a huge amount of money they demanded, but some people furge this typ of thing, anyway i hope they rescue u soon

  12. ha! na dollar they go use pay the ransom! i thought it was naira ooo hmmm every business man in nigeria has change currency no more naira. abi na where they kipnap them

  13. That’s a fat lie….. i read in another blog were the brother to one of those Kidnapped said this is not true.

  14. I think this Kidnapping issues shouldn’t be taken with levity hands by the government. Something must be done to curb the act ASAP

  15. Make kidnappers dey do research first before they start their work first, make them call heaven and earth for those girls head nothing go fall, no be all fine girl get money oh, make hand touch them, make them no how far


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