News US-based Liberian Couple poisoned to death by husband’s brother

US-based Liberian Couple poisoned to death by husband’s brother


A Facebook User, Aremo Oriola has shared the shocking story of how a US-based Liberian Couple was killed by the husband’s brother.

Apparently, they have been sending money to the brother to build a house back home.. only for them to come back home murdered in cold-blood.

Below is what he wrote:


I just got this..someone who knows the wife personally just inbox me to confirm the story. According to him, they were liberians based in Minnesota.

"My Future Ambition Is To Democratically Unseat President Buhari"- Reno Omokri

the couples went home for Christmas.. they had been sending monies home…for the husbands brother to build them houses. While at home this Christmas…this brother cooked food and sent over to his brother and wife. They died after eating the food.




  1. Very wicked and mean,u killed your blood coz of earthly materials,rip 2 them,may God judge u accordingly

  2. They came to this world empty and He killed them because of money …with all they have they went back empty..and he also will go back empty because even if memory his pocket he cannot buy another life with his empty thought and will be punish with an empty hammer .

  3. People abroad must keep their money or send it to their account in their country n when they come back, they can buy or build any house of their choice… It’s been happening. He will also die n face judgement

  4. Wicked heart. Especially people that calls themselves brothers. God is never asleep.

  5. Watch out brother Ur own blood Time for pay back with u and ur generation God punishment is unbearable and it’s start with u from here before ur death

  6. I’ve always said this and will continue saying it. People abroad should rather come back home and buy a house rather than send money to people when they’re not sure. Though, it depends on the level of trust but as they say prevention is better than cure.

  7. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer for his soul? After killing them what will he gain money and a troubled and restless heart, hmm

  8. Na waooooo, heeeeeeen, human beings, heartless person, god is ur judge. Anyway may their souls rest in peace ijn amen. It is a pity nd also a lesson to every body.

  9. People abroad should be very careful. If u want to build make out ur plan an come home for ur self and stop trusting brothers. Stop truing families or better still buy a house that is already built without letting ur family know about it. One thing that kills people abroad is mouth . they can’t shut up for seconds. Sometimes u don’t need families knowing ur plans even ur best fiend can kill u on top of ur own moneyoo. I

  10. U all have spoken nothing but d truth money we say is evil let d law take it full cost heartless broder

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  12. Hmmmmmm people should be very careful stop send money 4 families or better still buy a house

  13. Money d root of all all we do we should ask God for direction so we don’t go d wrong direction

  14. God will surely reward him back, that is wickedness, too bad, may thier gentle soul rest in peace.

  15. Nawa for dis wicked pple o dey don’t DT dey will also die one day dere is God oooo RIP for d couples

  16. This is height of wickedness, your own blood, greed see where it will lead us, killing, shading of innocent blood doing anything just for the love of money. God help us

  17. For a brother to kill his blood brother n his wife for money is wickedness, he is heartless n he should be sentenced for it.Those living overseas should learn from this ooo,that there is no blood relations when it involves money cus d devil might decide to use there said relations against them…

  18. This brother is a very wicked being Some brother are good who even build. Paint and furnish the house for the Bros abroad and nothing happened between them. The abroad Bro. Even build a house for the one in Nigeria


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