Art & Humour US-Based Nigerian Man Insists On Paying Extra Bride Price After Seeing Wife...

US-Based Nigerian Man Insists On Paying Extra Bride Price After Seeing Wife In This Gown


That moment when your wife’s figure and stunning exquisiteness takes all your breath away. Only men who are married to beautiful women can relate to this.

That’s exactly what happened with this man, who insisted strongly on paying more bride price a year after marriage. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets on seeing his wife’s figure showcased in glamorous body-clinging gown.

He definitely saw her in a way he’s never seen her before. The US Based Nigerian couple, Law and Anambra State-born Nkeiruka Mkparu, a medical doctor who is Resident Pediatrician at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, tied the knots last year. He posted one of their wedding photos weeks ago and wrote:

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“After I saw her in this dress, I called her father and insisted that I must pay more bride price!! I am blessed.”



  1. My guy look here, lemme ask you Can she cook very well? is the brain there? Is she God fearing? Ask yourself this question….because those curves will disappear sooner or later•••

    • Harriet Omhenimhe….I wonder,d guy knows she can’t cook bfor he marries her….watch your own dirty linen man

    • A woman is not ur slave but ur partner man, if she can’t cook teach her, if she can’t dress, do it for her. That will make her more appreciative to u. U dont go to buy a car in a car shop and expect everything to be in place, u definitely will still need a mechanic to check it out init. Placing all the house chores work on d woman makes her more relevant especially when she out on a journey probably to visit her family. Then u will become useless to urself.

    • Baderin Sleekz-osborne Adejuwon ur intention will only work when u luckily marry to a woman that take correction, is better she has it all before marriage tanx……..

    • Abeg Baderin Sleekz-osborne Adejuwon leave dis people as if dey dem self re perfect. Am not saying a woman should not posses all dis qualities but u guys re making it seem as if u married cause u want a house help instead of a wife.

    • Harriet Omhenimhe, you’re really getting things wrong, and you’re taking it personal,did anyone offend you??•••

    • Well I was a cool bachelor before I got married, I don’t eat outside, I don’t patronise dry cleaners, heck it disgusts me to see my self contained apartment dirty,mehn how will anyone feel when they come to visit me. So why will I be a different person when I get married cos I now have a wife? Mehn she’s more like my flatmate not househelp so we cook together, we eat together, we sleep together and don’t think I’m jobless, guys I’m a private business owner so I go to work when I wish to. My point is simple, to guys learn to be independent, it’s helps u more than d lady.

    • Omo Perfect that’s why they call its courting, that period in ur life you get to know ur partner. If she doesn’t fit your kinda woman break up asap. It’s as simple as that man

  2. The bride put in extra effort in looking good for her groom, and the groom is such an appreciative man. May God bless their home, happy married life.

  3. Too much money in my pocket!!.no bi my fault!!.Na you get your money my brother!;spend it as you wish!!

  4. That’s good but I hope you its not just the beauty and shape you saw in her because it will fade

  5. Bcos he has d money, so no problem, is a good way of showing how appreciative u are. some no even get complete not to talk of extra.

  6. Goes a long way to showing how good packaging creates an impulsive patronage. My opinion though.

  7. Oya na no wahala na money kill am man wey no geh money go think of that one? No he will not.

  8. You are still insisting on paying.. my hubby has paid 2 times. Planning to pay again this year.. dey there


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