News US based Nigerian pastor allegedly stabs wife over church money (GRAPHIC)

US based Nigerian pastor allegedly stabs wife over church money (GRAPHIC)


A Facebook user Digidi Dunhill claims a Nigerian Pastor based in Houston, USA,  stabbed and almost killed his wife over church money.

He wrote

“ALL FOR THE MONEY..Nigerian Pastor Jimba in Houston U.S.A stabs and almost killed his wife over church money.HMMM! FAKE PASTORS AND MONEY”.



  1. Graphic?,I will definitely open the link tomorrow morning to view it,.because at 11;43PM I do not want to have nightmares while I sleep!!

  2. If these is true that pastor needs to get his brain checked before going to jail. & please what is he preaching if he himself can’t control his temper

  3. Hmmm. Do you truely served God or you have church because of money? Some people could behave abnormal because of money. No wonder they say money is the root of all evil. May God forgives you

  4. Wow! This was really a sad event. Killing ur wife over church ego for that matter. Nawa oh. If this is really true, that means d pastor went into the ministry just for the church money…

  5. Hmmm… I’m not surprised about this… As far he is a Nigerian pastor, forget say he be US based person oh. As far he is a nigerian and he is a pastor, I’m not surprised bcks most nigerian pastors who are claiming to bd pastors are devils themselves… They are just using the “pastor” to cover up. I really pity the wife of this man. If the man really killed his wife over church money, that means he is a worthless being

  6. All dis street boys were manage travel out go fine moni na so e dey b Money must b made anyhw.

  7. U knw some pastors value the church money more than thier wife, they can even slaughter thier wife for money,

  8. A pastor stabing his wife just bc of money hmmmm no wonder dem say money is d root of all evil

  9. Nigeria media with alll these falsehood news. Abeg make una Abeg reduce all these lies or is it part of the proffesssion

  10. Hmmm.. pastors sef no get joy again oo. Dis na warning to pastor’s wives. Abeg all d mummys in d houz, make una no dey go near church moni oo abeg, to avoid stories dat touch lik dis 1 now.


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