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Veteran Actor Dede Mabiaku Storms Out During Radio Interview After Being Told To ShutUp By Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi Adesina


Veteran entertainer Dede Mabiaku on Monday stormed out an interview on Lagos Talks FM 93.1 after the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi Adesina, told him to ‘shut up’ during an argument.

A video of the incident, which has now gone viral, shows Adesina asking Nigerians to be patient and allow Buhari to carry out his mandate.

According to Punch, when  the presenter sought the views of Mabiaku, who had argued that Nigerians had not seen the change they voted for, the entertainer stressed that his views were unimportant since Adesina had asked him to shut up.

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“Why do you want to hear me when he (Adesina) had the audacity to tell me to shut up?” he asked.
After insisting that Adesina had no right to use such language just because he works for the government, the annoyed artiste walked out of the studio with the spokesman to the President laughing.




  1. Lolzz, The man no dey take shit ooo. Mr special adviser na for your pocket you be adviser ooo.

  2. Its not what the moderator said that counts in the video, its the body language of Mr Dede Mabiaku, especially when he dared the lady to replay the tape. Adesina was wrong and should av apologize right there and then but Nigeria hardly apologize, they rather insist on silly rights to make their points, Dede did the right thing absolutely no Sense sitting there and getting pushed around by them.

  3. When money no dey for people pocket like this na so dem go dey para…ordinary happy new month sef,u fit shout “I beg back to sender!!!!”.

  4. Pompus n rude leaders dat hav no atom of respect in dem.dey ar very gud at insultin dos dat elected dem

  5. Nigerians make we kn our right every body has d right to freedom of speech son allow dem shut u up wen ur doing d right tin

  6. It best for him to shut up, I watched one of the talent show were one contestant dress only in pant to portray fela was told to shutup and he never apologised


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