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Want a long-lasting relationship? Here are 5 Things to Never Post About Your Relationship on Social Media


We are all familiar with social media in this 21st century where almost everyone is a digital/tech nomad or geek. However, due to its unhindered accessibility to all, many people abuse.

And unlike in the past where social media is not on the list of causes of breakups, today is arguably on top of the list. This is why it is essential for you to be conscious of what you post on social media in order to save yourself from potential relationship headaches.

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Today, we share 5 of these things. You may think it is harmless, but it can result in serious consequences.

Anything personal about your partner, without his or her permission

You know that your post is an important expose about your relationship, but you still went ahead to share it. Your partner will not feel good.

This said, if you can’t control your cravings, you can ask your partner to be for permission before you post it. It’s safer this way.

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  1. Good tips…. I ll start working towards a relationship now. I think am ripe to have a gal now


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