News Watch a man flog a grown woman on the buttocks with a...

Watch a man flog a grown woman on the buttocks with a baton (video)


This video just emerged online and  it’s shocking to say the least. It shows a uniformed security officer flogging a grown woman on the buttocks.

According to a Facebook post by Mex Sbeezy, the incident reportedly happened at a Police station in Equatorial Guinea.

He captioned it :-

Outrageous. .. that keeps happening. In a country… a country where there are dcn Development. .. Unity peace justice.

“And that’s the way to judge a person. .. and more to a woman… in the twenty-first century… a shame,”.

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  1. This is really stupid. This man must be mad for treating a woman like that. How dare he? Na his wife? Haba… Na that dirty uniform dey decieve am.. Nonsense

  2. some will find this funny but its really appalling, because you are a police man doesn’t give you the effontry to flog your mother.

  3. This is a more reason i will like to be jailed abroad, because they will pet you even when you have committed a crime, and still get the answers they need from you to the last drop. Our police here are just heartless and wicked. But i like it as they are not biased, if girls thief or committ make they flog them too, no be only guys fit to flog.

  4. D man don’t hv value,love,nd respect for woman bcos if he luv his mum he will never try dat trash. He hv to own a woman with a high esteem.An elderly one for dat matter

  5. This man is taking actions into his hands, he is embarrasing her, no matter what she did he shouldnt take action that way, wat if his mother or sister was flogged that way, how would he feel

  6. 2 tell u the truth some women deserves this… There must be an explanation 4 this she can’t just lie down just 2 be flogged like this and people are watching..

  7. What a nice ass, police man you no do well at oh just let me recieved this beating on behalf of her and later fuck her in my bed lol

  8. Something must have led to the flowing because he can’t just flog someone like that she will be watching.

  9. It reminds me of that moment in junior secondary school when your intro tech teacher flogged a big assed girl in the ass after drawing her skirt forward, just to see the vibration in her ass.

  10. You people are too ignorant as a cop he has no right doing that he needs to be locked up


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