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What’s With The Turkey


Sometimes, when you hear the word “turkey”, the first question that comes to mind is how Thanksgiving bird is related to the country in Asia. Actually, it is hardly connected. Maybe it  only causes similar emotions – Turkey with its culture, architecture and cuisine, and a turkey with its taste.

What’s with the words


Nothing in common. Well, almost nothing. «Turkey» means a land occupied by turks. Besides active military activity and invading in neighboring territories, turks led active cultural life, spread ideas and goods. Ottomans imported a bird named guinea fowl to Europe. When the first settlers found a bird similar to turkey-hen, they started to call it simply «turkey».

What’s with the bird

Turkey is a large bird, native to forests of North America and Mexico. Males of these species are distinctive by a fleshy wattle that hangs from the top of a beak.

Nowadays, turkeys are used mostly for their meat. Nevertheless, feathers are used in accessories, and some peoples even today use it in ceremonies.

Domesticated turkey comes from Mesoamerica, where ancient peoples started breeding this bird over two thousand years ago. Some turkeys are bred for using their pin feathers – less visible and suitable for producing different materials and stuffing.


As the majority of domesticated birds, young turkeys fly short distances, and adults climb different objects. Maturing creatures change greatly, get much bigger. Tail feathers remind fans, and skin on a head becomes red and blue. That can be a quite scary picture.

Speaking about living conditions, turkeys are kept in closed space and under a variety of lightning equipment (if we speak about commercial breading). If you are planning to bread them only for consuming at home, you’ll need a spacious cage. And a lot of patience. Turkeys are birds that love freedom. It means they can walk long distances in any direction right after you leave them for a moment. Turkeys can’t see in the dark, so sometimes you may even need to find a «camping», which stopped somewhere in the bushes for a night.

What’s with the food

Buying a turkey won’t be a problem. Once their consuming was restricted to special occasions, but today this meat is included in a variety of diets. Turkeys are sold as whole and in pieces. You can buy what you prefer or what is mentioned in a recipe. Whole turkeys are a traditional dish for Thanksgiving (which, by the way, is celebrated not only in the USA) and Christmas. Slices are often used in sandwiches. Both fresh and frozen turkeys are appropriate for cooking, but the cost of fresh ones is higher.


In general, this meat is considered healthier, as it contains lesser fat. Nutritional value is low. However, taking into consideration the fact that they are prepared for holidays accordingly to special recipes and are served in big portions with carbonates and drinks, nutritional value is a bit changing marker here.

What’s interesting


A wishbone, used for making wishes, serves for connection between wings and muscles. It reminds a spring that stores and releases energy. This bone was typical for ancient animals – dinosaurs, for instance. We can say that turkey is related to T. Rex.

Wild turkeys sleep on the trees, and domesticated need special sticks, where they can climb and feel comfortable.

Though they don’t see in the dark, turkeys can see objects that aren’t in direct line of their vision.

What’s with the shopping


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