General #WhenIWas5 Adorable 5-year-old evokes childhood memories

#WhenIWas5 Adorable 5-year-old evokes childhood memories


Awwwn!! Adorable 5-year-old evokes childhood memories.

Emmanuella here is just one of those youngsters that are so clever and full of life!

The 5-year-old has turned into an online celebrity after sharing her holiday experience and back-to-school wishes with her  Uncle.

See below:

Adorable 5-year-old evokes childhood memories

Isn’t this just so cute?  Oh, how beautiful a child’s innocence can be! Or am I the only one that wishes for kids to remain forever open and simple?

Don’t ask me why, I have no answer to this…lol


Do you know that little Emmanuella can boast of some really significant internet-wide attention arising

from the buzz the note she wrote generated? If she understands this, she’ll surely be proud of herself.

Just check out her sheer simplicity! Hmm…the dreams of a 5 Year-Old.  3

What childhood memories can you recall? What did you write about when you were her age?

Please share your experiences in the comment box below.




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