Viral News Woman Advertises Cheating Husband on National Newspaper, SEE PHOTO

Woman Advertises Cheating Husband on National Newspaper, SEE PHOTO


A woman who is tired of her cheating husband took to a national newspaper to deal with him.

The woman named Wanjiru Kamami published an advertisement on a Kenyan newspaper complete with her husband’s image, his phone number and his National Identification number. The translated ad above reads,

“This is to inform the general public that the person whose photograph appears above is the husband to Wanjiru Kamami (Shiro) since 1982, (sic) therefore if you see him getting lied to with school girls or young women at the market, tell him to go home or call my number 0751993571.”

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  1. It’s in d blood or linage of some men to cheat in d name of Mee Mee Mee ni olorun wii… Bunch of fools… One wife billion money in happy home

  2. Now amongst the two who is more wicked and heartless, thats what you get when you marry a lady, who uses your weakness as a public spectacle, the above does not even solve the issue. You guys better learn or be like them

  3. Wat!!! This is a disaster…. What the hell did she do… She took it far….. Haba… Wat was d weight of the cheating that u had to do this? Women r so unbelievable…

  4. Why will the idiot will not respect himself, he has been fucking for more than 35yrs and hes still looking for whats under the skirt, nawa o

  5. Wahala don burst but would you still go back to him after this? If yes, then its no need doing this

  6. What is good for goose is also good for gender… If it’s good to advertise females that are caught in the dirty game, then it will definitely be perfect to equally advertise the males that stup too low for such dirty acts too… Nonsensical nonsense!!!!


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