Weird and Strange Woman Allegedly Gave Birth To A Goat In Rivers State (Graphic Photos)

Woman Allegedly Gave Birth To A Goat In Rivers State (Graphic Photos)


This is shocking and beyond words.

According to a Facebook User Simeon Chukwu, he claims a woman gave birth to a goat in Rivers State.

He shared photos from the scene of Kerala Community Hall where the goat was born.

More graphic photos below..




  1. GOD will be the protector of his children that is how the will give birth still the will reborn Satan again Jesus power na Super power

  2. Wait. Wat? A Goat! In this 9ja! Are u sure it is not the witches in her village who turned the innocent child who was in her womb to goat? Many strange things are happening nowadays.

  3. seriously?dis no be odinary hand oo eda out of jelousy o e get watin d moda put hand or d fada

  4. Did u just shows us a woman who gave birth to a goat? I mean live GOAT? So, this thing is also happening in Nigeria where children are being born not as a complete human… This is really serious oh

  5. Too many strange things, who knw if she had been sleeping with goat all this while, only God knws the truth

  6. Ever since our President who is resting in peace…brought his own kind of change…things are really changing in a strange way…

  7. Yes so true, it happen close to ma community, live goat, I will send some of d pics for u guys to see, is so terrifying

  8. This is never God’s wish.This is witches flashing the woman.It is like she has been running away from her village….

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  10. Am not sure if it’s real, live goat, impossible goat give birth to goat, dog give birth to dog and human give birth to human

  11. Jeez, its really strange but som1 or smtin behind it. God doesn’t give a human being goat as an offspring

  12. Those women that are going around from one church to another for the sake of getting a child should take note. Sarah and Hannah did not ran from pillar to pole before they got children. Have faith in the Lord.

  13. That’s nonsense, keep it to grow let see what will happen, that’s if is not dead. Whether it will talk


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