News Woman attacked by the “7 year old boy” in Lagos tells what...

Woman attacked by the “7 year old boy” in Lagos tells what really happened (Watch Video)


The 7 year old boy burnt to death in Lagos as broadcasted by everyone on the Internet is a man in his mid twenties.
The day he was caught and burnt to death, he and his gang tried to rob a pedestrian and the pedestrian got injured by the way. Then he called on to people for help who later pursued the Alleged “7 year old boy and his gang but caught the Alleged “7 year old boy.”

"I am happy to be back"– 17-yr-old girl breaks down in tears while narrating her horrific experience in Libya

P.S: He is not a 7 year old boy, and he didn’t steal Garri.
This woman in the video was one of the victims of the brutal attack of the boy and his gang. She even showed the wound she sustain from the attack.

Watch video below



    • Did u even belive dat is true how can a small boy attack dat woman anyway shaa god knws d best

  1. That was a child probably didn’t have anything to eat and that’s why he was stealing or any parents and you disgusting people kill him. And we worry about how other people treat us we act like animals that’s disgusting.

  2. Pls DAT is not enough excuss to burn or take ur fellow human life pls let’s stop burning humans alive we are not cannibals

  3. You woman are you at peace with yourself yah he attacked you but do think he deserved search kind of punishment. What if he was your Son?ask yourself that Q

  4. This is pure wickedness, all dat is involve in dis act should have it at the back of their mind dat what ever dat is good for another will also be good for them.God is watch our cruelty on on other.

  5. We should put ourselves in others shoes,feel d pain off dat poor boy n d parent, ask God for forgiveness or u will live regretting dis particular act.

  6. Those that lay their hands on the death of this little boy life we surely reap it back back one day especially you the woman that said he attacked him you pay we pay for it lf not from your son it we be from another person mark this you we surely pay for it

  7. Ppl support bad all in the name of mercy,what about the ppl he killed b4 ?I Av no mercy for dem if Av come across dem u will understand what am talking about,,,,Is good for him,others will learn

  8. Every one of u should always remember that what you soar is what u ripe and always remember that u ripe and ur unborn generations will ripe as well

  9. Ki san fe san ki wo fe wo koni dafun siyin eyin te lowo nipa iku omo yi ka ye yin ofo leese tori ofo lomi efo nse and for you the woman ki o ma jere awon omo to bi ko sise haba kilode where goverment unda dey see am soo what of the goverment wey come they steal una money nigeria no think nah to kill others una come dey think eyi kodara ooo..una no see how everything come cost even coke don turn to 100 ewo gbogbo eyin te lowo nipa iku omo yi ki e ka gogo sodun ke si rin wowo woja eyin oloriburuku somedy make una go chop am bastard friend told me this i didn’t believe thought it was a joke now i saw it on my facebook page then realize is true i would have come for una curse tey tey..but due to this make thunder fire una generation with this act of stupidity just because of garri i hate this country mehn mtcheew ki ogunlade sangolade obatalade sanpona swallow una for this mtcheew


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