Art & Humour Woman Who Beat Up New Born Baby In Viral Video Identified and...

Woman Who Beat Up New Born Baby In Viral Video Identified and Arrested



Few months ago, a video of a ‘Nanny’ viciously slapping a newborn baby went viral. But it turns out she wasn’t the baby’s nanny but her biological mother.

She has since been identified and arrested by the Police.

The appalling footage showed the woman repeatedly slapping the crying newborn baby several times.

Police say the mother, identified as Aygul Kozhabaevna was captured and arrested in Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan.

The video was recorded in the South Kazakhstan city of Almaty in August this year, but was only shared online recently.

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Police spokesman Almas Sadubaev said the baby was slapped viciously 42 times.

Sadubaev said the woman admitted that she was the one in the video when she was interrogated. He said:

“During the interrogation she admitted her guilt and the fact it was her in the video.”

The mother said she was unaware that she was being filmed by an unnamed eight-year-old girl, who was the daughter of one of her friends she was staying with at the time.

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She claims she beat the child up to “teach the baby a lesson” when it would not stop crying.



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