Weird and Strange Woman Born Without a Vagina Has One Created for Her Using Her...

Woman Born Without a Vagina Has One Created for Her Using Her Intestine (Photos)


Woman Born Without a Vagina Has One Created for Her Using Her Intestine (Photos)The female anatomy has three holes, the Vagina which is used for birthing a child and sex, the Urethra which is for peeing and the Anus which is used for excretion.

A 23 year old woman who was born without a vagina, had a surgery to have a man-made one created for her.

According to Dailymail, the woman whose surname was given as Zhang, found out she had no vagina when she could not menstruate after attaining puberty. Her mother confirmed that her daughter has no vagina after checking her body.
Zhang went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a condition known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), a congenital abnormality characterised by women who have no vagina, womb and cervix. MRKH is found in one in every 5,000 women or so in the world. A B-scan ultra-sonography revealed that Zhang has no vagina or uterus, but she has functioning ovaries.

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Woman Born Without a Vagina Has One Created for Her Using Her Intestine (Photos)In a very rare medical procedure, surgeons from the North-West China’s Shaanxi Province on February 15th, took a section of Zhang’s small intestine and used it to create a vagina for her.

The operation was assisted by a da Vinci robot, a technology used to carry out minimal invasive surgery. Doctors said the man-made vagina should have no difference to a normal vagina in terms of its appearance and functionality.

One of the doctors was quoted saying: ‘If Zhang wishes to have babies, we will need to carry out a uterus transplant surgery.’ Doctor Guo Shuzhong who is a renowned plastic surgeon and medical professor in China, led the medical team that carried out the surgery.

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Shuzhong conducted the first face transplant operation in China in 2006 and successfully built an artificial ear for a man in 2006 using his patient’s cartilage.

Source: Daily Mail



  1. …. Is that even possible? So, are u trying to tell me that it is really possible for her to bear children through her man made *thing? Wow!

  2. The moment they told u how sweet sex is and u say… Doctors please I need vagina even if its on my head

  3. Hope the thing won’t misbehave or tear if she is having quite time with hubby??? God is the only doctor of all doctors….may he alone perfect the handwork of this surgeon who carried out the surgery Amen

  4. If the operation is successful, my dear brother n sister God as done it tru d doctor. His a miracle worker

  5. Mumu she’s using her nose to piss b4 she bcame a woman * her parents know and dey did not do anything b4 she grow, abi if u are d one your child not get p**sy u wont find something to do,u leave her to grow like dat … False news


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