Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Woman encourages women to stop fighting each other as she hangs out...

Woman encourages women to stop fighting each other as she hangs out with another woman who had a child for her ex


This show of love is very rare amongst women.

This woman showed there’s still compassion between us as she hung out with another woman who bore a child for her ex.

She took to social media to explain.



  1. That’s for you oh Any woman that tries to come close to my husband should be ready to die

  2. It takes some maturity for such a thing to happen!!…Much respect should go to that lady!!

  3. Fighting each other won’t solve anyting, on the second thought, I don’t see any benefit from marryin’ plenty wives.. Having babies from multiple women..

  4. One man, two women, and a just a bunch of drama. We see it all the time. Movies, TV, music, and unfortunately real life. These love triangles where women fight each other are all around you and in my opinion it’s a damn shame. With so much more important things to be worried about many women find themselves more focused on battling with the “other woman“. They will slander her name. Stalk and harass her on social media. Some even go as far as showing up at a woman’s house for a confrontation that can lead to violence. All of this nonsense is going on but they both fail to realize something. They are both getting PLAYED!


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