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Women Who Expose Their Breasts, Wear Bangles, Trousers, Make Up Are Going To Hell – Pastor Muoka Declares


G.O of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka on Sunday reiterated his warning to women who are fund of adorning male wears such as trousers. He maintained that such people would go to hell. .

He also warned women to desist from adorning their bodies with artificial makeups, as such unholy practices were sins against God. He gave the warning while addressing a large crowd of worshipers at the just concluded international crusade titled; ‘From Sorrow to Joy” at the Chosen Revival Ground, ljesha, Lagos.

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He said: “I want to tell you, you don’t need extra eye, makeup or bangle or attachment at all. You don’t need to dress and show your nakedness, your ass, your chest, your armpit, your tummy, your waist, your lap….that is sin. Cover your body properly.

And if you are a young man and you are doing jerry coil and you make your hair like a woman, use some funny language…and when they ask you where are you from and you say Naija instead of Nigeria, something is wrong with you. The Bible tells us that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. .

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If you are a woman wearing trousers that’s a sin. If you are a man wearing skirt and blouse, that’s an abomination. Search your life, repent of your sin and God will show you mercy. God loves you. It is not the will of God that any soul should perish.”



    • Shut up there fool….na una dey follow anything pastor talk becos ya all are dullards that known notin about the bible…no where in the bible that says trousers are for men and skirt for women..deut 22:5 has been misinterpreted by fools call pastors and believed by idiots like u….I can give u many verses in the bible where men wore skirts..wot deut 22:5 means is “”if u know wot is for men,u as a woman not wear it and vise a man wen u go to the market, u know men’s trousers to buy and a woman knows her own type of trousers to buy wot that verse says is if u know a particular tin is for men then women shud not wear it vise versa.ok if them bring two trousers cum here now u nor go fit differentiate BTW male own and female own? Ok why u nor go market enta female store and buy female trouser becos trousers are for men?.that verse mainly referred to the homosexuals becos the gays do wear women’s clothes and the lesbians do wear guys clothes to behave like a guy .did the verse made mention of trouser or skirt? Ok why u nor go market go buy legis dey wear…..if jewelry is a sin and I learnt that the are been made with gold..ok ..wot did the three wise men give Jesus? Why will they give Jesus sin? I heard heaven is been beautified with gold abi? Ok why will God beautify heaven with sin? Abeg go and die becos u don’t kmow the bible at all..99.9% Christians of today are dullards… Am a dirty sinner but wen it comes to interpreting the Bible then I can boldly say ur pastors nor interpret am reach me…..just go and die becos u are too useless to be a Christian

    • kush and princess it suprises me alot that u called someone a fool just becos he stood by wat he believes,my dear calling a brother a fool…..dnt u think u are going too far,pls stand by wat u believe dnt try to convice people to believe wat u believe….. And no pastor has the right to force members to do wat they preach right?why not ignored the post if u think its not a good one…… brothers and sister pls its not everything we comment on…..if i offend u tru my comment am sorry

    • U just open ur gutter to talk nonsense.. Idiot..wot is tins of the world? What did the devil create? The Bible says God created everything.. Then wot did they world create? Go and die jare

    • Irene, ignorant fool…. U need help. I feel pity for you. Why do you have clothes on? Go naked please.

    • Princess, kush, you guys are not matured,I made an opinion the next thing is to insult me,you are showing yours manners that is very bad.

    • honestly am highly disapointed in u guys kush and princess,why are u taking this post so personal and u call urself christians…..and u open ur mouth and call someone a fool,is dat wat ur church preaches and that any that refuses to believe wat u believe is a fool?its a enough…..dis tin is getting out of hand

  1. God punish the bastard…deut 22:5 has been misinterpreted by these fools….no where in the Bible says trouser is for men and skirt for women….I will give u many verses in the Bible where men wore skirts…idiot…. U need to learn Bible from me although am a dirty sinner but I can be bold enuf to say I know the bible more than a fool like u….if jeweries are sin and gold are been used to make those tins..then wot did the three wise men give Jesus? Why did they give Jesus sin? Abeg remove this bastard from my front…am a dirty sinner but I pray I repent some day but wen it comes to interpreting the Bible then una(all these pastors) nor reach me….I can’t type long if not I would have given u how trouser is not sin by women wearing it….if u are doubting it then beep me to let u know and I will teach u to a layman’s language so u understand

    • Nna,i understand your comment But speak not ill of the anointed ones,even if na ude aki or olive oil All join. Thankio

    • If u claim to know d bible more u shouldn’t insult a man of God no matter wat… It clairly show dat u have no fear of God nd u have no knowledge of d bible.

    • Please leave the girl biko. Insult which man of God? Is that one man of God? That man talking rubbish and condemning people is the same man that does funny miracles. Miracles that he will bring out snakes and all sorts of things from human bodies. Where in the Bible during the days Jesus walked this earth that Jesus did such demonic morales? But nobody criticized him. This man is playing religion. Christianity is not a religion please. They misquote Deuteronomy a very funny way. They used their ignorant to give different styles of clothes to genders. God never said trousers were for men and skirts for women. There were many priests in the Bible who wore skirts and garments. E.g Aaron… Oga pastor, preach the word of God, win souls to Christ, stop looking into meaningless things. God doesn’t see those things, what he sees is the heart….. None of those things you mentioned are wrong. D Bible said all things are ours, Christ was made poor so we become rich.. Study your Bible well and ask the Holy Spirit for directions and understanding….

    • Even the Deuteronomy they want to kill themselves for is old testament. We are new creations. Christ died and redeemed us from all those laws. Is that man keeping any of those laws? Is he wearing 100% cotton? Abi he’s just killing himself for verse 5? It pains me when people who claim they’re men of God try to mislead people. He knows nothing about the Bible by saying all these things. He should stop playing religion and receive the Holy Spirit, because if the Holy Spirit dwells in him, he will know what to do and what to say… Pride will not let all these funny pastors read books from genuine men of God. Or even attend their programs for better understanding….

    • Chinedu Chinex Paul i don’t support her insulting d pastor or do i support plp going naked in d name of look gud, but let me ask u wat can of cook do ur sisters wear. Even wen u see those naked once u like them than those that dress well. Just take look at some girl they re now going from black to white all because guys go for far people so my dear i see.

    • Do you have to insult a fellow man to pass your contrary opinion on an issue? You said you know bible, how come your words are not seasoned with grace,?

    • Kush bishop,why you are so rude and mean, he just stated his opipion, no one is forcing it on you,so pls take easy bro. No be fight.

    • MY brother very soon u wil b a pastor plss go and write this down…that d mind of God 4 u sir..

  2. Nigga pls shut the fuck up! U’re in no position to judge anybody! Your job is preach God’s words!

  3. I don’t attend the “Lord’s Chosen church”,but all I know is that the #hearts of the men u ladies are trying to impress by wearing whatever u wear whether make-up or make down,is in the #hands of the #AlmightyGodSo it is not the make up,the earnings or the piercings that actually keep a man but God that has the final say

  4. As much as I do not want to comment on this..I have only 1 question to ask you,.Are you doing conference meetings with God and does he tell you personally to start judging people based on the reasons above?… D.M me your answer as an inbox ASAP and lemme know!!

  5. U all shld just go naked!! Cos even clothes are worldly!!! Foolish pple.. Ndi chosen.. Ndi obi ojoor!

  6. Wat kind of dirty gospel is this, u misiterpreting d bible nd u claim u a man of God, u are like d pharasee

  7. Why is the cloths they put on not a sin?are the clothes not also wordly,cos they are also made by man.I think they should go nakef to convince me .they even refuse to use attachment saying is worldly is the thread they use not worldly or made by man, is it from heaven?.

    • Hmmm what is the truth if I may ask? See! teach the people the essential things and leave the nonessential, nonessential things leads people to leave a live a life of hypocrisy, if u are convinced by d holy spirit that weave on makeup trousers are sin leave them but still don’t condemn those that wear them, teach people how to live a holy life, okay let’s look at it from this angle, a person who don’t wear all these things but lies a lot where do u think that person is heading to? U gossip, backbite jealousy and other evil things, u wear long apparel call urself brother or sister but after service you go to one brother to commit fornication, no love of Christ, hatred all over you and other things I can not mention here, what I understand in all this dressing is these: dress modest, have a pure heart, and do what is right, so many Christians lives a life of pretends, God sees all things and he know who is his,

    • @Benjamin, Satan has got nothing original, he has got fake in is hands…but use d fake for God..bcoz God owns d devil that got it and God owns us that uses it…d mic d pastor is using, did u know wat they use to build it that its talking , d phone u are using can talk from here to America, do u know wat they use to make it, d perfume u used, d cloth you were, everything are of God and use it for him…

    • God bless you for that ans u gave, and the same Bible said that God look at hour heart not the out feet

    • What an illiterate you are. Can anyone mention anywhere in the Bible where God said “He looks at the heart and not the out feet”? The problem with majority of the Christians is the they follow their selfish desire. In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in moderate apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety not the braided hair nor gold or pearls or costly array – TIMOTHY 2vrs 9. Then why are the Christians fighting against the Bible? Who told you that God looks only the heart. How can you expose your body. I don’t know for Christians though but in Islam it is said that every part of a woman’s body is a private part except for her face and wrist that’s why u see majority of our Muslim women covering body. If you know what it is to expose your private parts, u’ll never do that. Hell is real and do not be deceived by the world.. Follow every teaching of your Bible that you may be guided to righteousness.

    • Even the wool they applies to their hair is been made with the same thing that attachments and weavons are made from. But yet they believe they r angels, pure and natural! Only God knows his people!!!

    • Do u know that the world has accepted Satan vision call modeling where nothing is a shame. Many wear design dress just to show the size of their buttocks virgina nipples even some wear ring on there private parts in the name of modelling even married women read Romans 12v1and2 which says that we should present our body a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God 2 do not conformed to this world but be you transformed by renewing of your mind that you may be prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God now when you dress like prostitute what do you want to prove,to the public, is it a child of light or child of darkness shame unto Christians leaders who refused to preach true gospel because of tithe seed and offering in church, you cant differentiate a child of God and a worldly person especially women that is why many reasonable men look at them as worthless but the dont know, thinking that they are praising them they have became a disgrace to Christ. other religion women dress better than we the light of the world who suppose to be emulated

    • Anas El Zubair I can’t argue with u because u are not a Christians, and u don’t have any bible understanding, because for u to understand Bible u will @ first accept Jesus then u will now ask holy spirit to give understanding for his word, that’s is only when u can study the word and understand thru the help of holy ghost, nobody I repeat none can holy Bible, nobody is fighting bible here. Muslim female cover all their bodies including their eyes too, but most of them their heart is as black as charcoal.

    • The problem some people have in d word of God is understanding, brother who told you that weave -on, attachment, make-up and trousers wearing them prevents one from presenting him / herrself as a living sacrifice onto God Almighty? the way u encounter holy spirit is not same way other encounter him, I still believes that wearing bangles, earring, attachment, make-up trousers with clean heart having no evil intention in your heart can never stop one from going to heaven, but if it can! please give me d chapters and versers where I can find them in d holy scripture where jesus said if you put on all these things u will never inter into his kingdom then I will be first to preach it everywhere, I still stand on my word leave nonessential things it can only lead people to hell because they will only live hypocrisy and pretence life that will take them nowhere not even near the gate of heaven. Thanks, dress modest not half naked .

    • Wearing clothes isn’t a sin, after all God made cloths from the skin of animal to cover Adam and eve nakedness. Nothing is wrong for a woman to dress responsible and live are face the way God created it.

  8. Lazarus Lazarus Lazarus!. How many times wey I call u so?. I go report u give God ooooo. Who give u de power to judge?.

  9. Trouser is nt a sin but it determine hw u wear it n y u do nt a crime 2 put trouser,make-up n d rest,wat mata most is ur heart.Der r people who dnt do dis thngs but dnt mak heaven,pls n pls remember God nid u 2 be holy n ur repentance

    • How? Explain please Okereke Obinna, and i hope u know what holiness is all about, let me tell you one common thing that will be take more Christians to hell, see some believers will not go to hell because they Fornicate, murder and other terrible but u will find more pastors bishops, and believers in hell because of this three letter words(lie) u will see more liars in hell, check many times u lie in a day, in businesses, @work place.

    • Everister!stop deceiving yourself, no fornicator will ever see the face of God, for his eyes can not behold iniquity unless you Forsake your evil ways and turn onto him, I will show mercy on you and you shall be called my people. Yes there is Grace, how sure are you that you are amongst those whom his grace shall be available, for it is written I show mercy upon who I will show mercy on… The Bible clearly states in Galatians 5 the dead works that must be put to an end, the works of the flesh. I repeat, a true Christian, Will know his words and be guided by it, the Holy Spirit will put you Right…

    • The truth is Jesus Christ said that if he hadn’t come, we wont be guilty but because he those who shall hear and yet not believe and abide, that it would have been better that they were not Born

    • God’s standard can never change ooo, what he will do he will do, even the kingdom of darkness will tell you that God is so powerful…. All we do as Christians is pray for Grace cos no man is worthy to see God cos we are all sinners, if you say you have no sin then you call God a liar, that is worst… So, don’t follow these people Ignorantly,the man of God didn’t lie, he just said the truth, it’s left for you and I to accept or reject it, but God is God

    • I have a problem with indecent dressing to the house of God and where ever you go…let me tell you, do you also know that as a lady, you will be held accountable for every man you turned away from God due to your mode of dressing…a lot of people will be shocked cos of little things that they thought is nothing… When you dress to Kill, you bring the thought of sex in their mind,which is fornication by God’s standard, you also is guilty of fornication

    • This is why every minute of your day, you should pray to God to show you his mercy, this is the only way you won’t be condemned

    • Okereke Obinna I never said that fornicators will go to heaven, I said people who tell lies will go to hell more than fornicators and murderers, because lies are found common in d world today and people are not conscious of it. Like other terrible sin, so u see even my comment here u did not understand it, let him who read understand!

    • wu said trouser is for men self in d olden days men tie wrapper so don’t Tell me wot I knw some men wear skirts too its deir tradition may jah help us all o

  10. Shut up there fool….na una dey follow anything pastor talk becos ya all are dullards that known notin about the bible…no where in the bible that says trousers are for men and skirt for women..deut 22:5 has been misinterpreted by fools call pastors and believed by idiots like u….I can give u many verses in the bible where men wore skirts..wot deut 22:5 means is “”if u know wot is for men,u as a woman not wear it and vise a man wen u go to the market, u know men’s trousers to buy and a woman knows her own type of trousers to buy wot that verse says is if u know a particular tin is for men then women shud not wear it vise versa.ok if them bring two trousers cum here now u nor go fit differentiate BTW male own and female own? Ok why u nor go market enta female store and buy female trouser becos trousers are for men?.that verse mainly referred to the homosexuals becos the gays do wear women’s clothes and the lesbians do wear guys clothes to behave like a guy .did the verse made mention of trouser or skirt? Ok why u nor go market go buy legis dey wear…..if jewelry is a sin and I learnt that the are been made with gold..ok ..wot did the three wise men give Jesus? Why will they give Jesus sin? I heard heaven is been beautified with gold abi? Ok why will God beautify heaven with sin? Abeg go and die becos u don’t kmow the bible at all..99.9% Christians of today are dullards… Am a dirty sinner but wen it comes to interpreting the Bible then I can boldly say ur pastors nor interpret am reach me…..just go and die becos u are too useless to be a Christian

    • My dear, don’t mind all these foolish people… All they do is follow follow without knowing nothing… That so called pastor guy, does funny miracles and nobody criticizes him… He’s playing religion or being hypocritical

    • Kush or what ever you call yourself, you are not a christian because Christians don’t insult people. Christians are those that follows the foot step of Jesus Christ and not those that answers christian names. Your mouth is too poisonous. A person with poisonous mouth can never make heaven. Don’t deceive yourself that you know the bible. You don’t know the bible and you are very far away from God.

    • I konw some who have already sold their soul to the devil will support u but becareful , God love sinner but hate sins don’t live your life to confuse God’s own people against God. If refuse the truth u live in the lies of the devil, u can’t say u love God and love the world, he said who ever love the world the love of the Father in not in him.

  11. Is dat wat ur god told u?tel ur god to Change his word cos if he continue like dat he won’t c anybody in heaven

    • Re u even a church goer?see hw much u evn belittle d god.wat wil u do if other religion does dat.chai ur case s sorry to say

  12. What kind of dress did God put on our greatest grandfather and grandmother Adam and Eve? Gucci or LV, or D&G. Preach God’s word and stop being judgmental.

  13. first n furmost repent n accept God as ur lord n personal saviour n let me tel u bethren,i put trouser,makeup 2 luk simple,decent is nt sin but 2 shnw off ur breast or boom is a sin bcos d bible say our body is his temple s

  14. Ok sir We haff heard you…. Putting on bangle and earing Is never a sin,,, pretty sure of that Remember when Aaron made a golden calf for the Israelites to worship ,he made it by collecting the women’s ornaments which include this bangle you are condemning….. If it was a sin,why did the people of Israel and those mentioned In the Bible put it on??? Am done talking Weldon sir

    • Jeremiah 4:30 answers ur question coz With all due respect, Pastor Lazarus Muoka is too bzy with more important work of God to reply u ok.just read Nd understand plz.God bless u.

    • Oga Samson Mathias, let him who read understand! How does Jeremiah 4:30 answered her question? Because I could find the answer there, Jeremiah 4:30says Jerusalem your land has been wiped out. But you act like a prostitute and try to win back your lovers who now hates you. Or is your own bible different? How does wearing bangles makes one to act like prostitute? Hope u can also remember that when Israelites are leave Egypt God ask them to borrow as many gold as they can, and bible did not tell us when and where God told them to return those gold because its a sin, haba! Give me another verse of d bible that condemns bangle, my dear teach the bible the way it is! Don’t add or give people wrong interpretation, ask holy spirit to give you bible understanding, its not just a book one can read and interpret on his own way, the inspiration of holy bible were given by holy spirit and is only holy spirit can give the understanding.

    • Everister Miachel,u are one of those who are inpatient to study d Bible fully before conclusion. Go back plz Nd read it well. If u did not find “when thou art spoilt what do they do,though they paint themselves wit ornament of gold Nd silver, wit vain shall thou make thyself fair coz ur lovers will despised u.i thank you for your effort but plz do more. God bless u as u do.

    • Hmmm, they question(s) whatever a man of God is saying but they never question their newspaper…!

    • When they what?ask God for understanding brother, do u really know how to study ur bible? How many version of holy bible do u have? Tell me where holy scripture said that wearing bangle will take one to hell, let me tell u, brother go back and study ur bible with many versions not just one, king James version is so deep to ur understanding use other version to back it up, u don’t know what u are saying, do the essential things and leave nonessential, preach to people to live a holy life, stop lying, leave attachment, leave makeup, leave bangle, tell them to stop lying in d areas of business, @work place, tell them to stop Gossiping, backbiting, jealousy, stop having sex before marriage, tell them to love one another with love of Christ. There are more thing to teach people to do than telling them to stop wearing bangle, in as much as u do what thought us to do bangle can never stop u from going to heaven.

    • Deu 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which PERTAINETH unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God This is the SINGLE VERSE whereon some build the doctrine of ladies not wearing trousers and say its a sin to do so. Let’s examine it carefully First things first, we cannot create a doctrine from just one mention of it in the scriptures… For a word to be established,it must be in the mouth of at least two or three witnesses(math 18:16, 2Cor13:1)… this trouser doctrine clearly does not meet the requirements as its from just one verse Secondly, we are no more under the LAW… we do not live by it. If you however insist on living by the law then you must be ready to keep all of it cos breaking one will mean breaking all(James 2:10) and I’m sure you’re already breaking one Just a few verses from where you opened,it reads 11 Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together Please tell me…is your suit material and sleeve the same material? Or that your dress and hair-tie… If you want to live by the law,you must not cherry-pick. You have fufil ALL . Also why is the emphasis only on the woman’s part? The same verse says a man shouldn’t wear a woman’s garment. When your son uses your wrapper has he not broken that law already? Or when you as a student share lab coats… See leave the law alone! It wasn’t even given to you…you trying to keep it will only breed hypocrisy Lastly even if we are still under the law(which we are not).. you’d still be wrong. Cos when this was written, men wore SKIRTS and gowns… in fact the high priest that presided over this was on skirts Psalm 133:2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the SKIRTS of his garments So going by your teaching , ladies must not wear the mans clothing(skirts) they can only wear trousers Any angle you from come,your doctrine is wrong Jesus didn’t come to die to give us a dress pattern Give instructions on modesty in dressing..that’s enough. We were sent to be “Gospel preachers” and not “clothline preachers”

    • Ask him ooo my dear @ Justina Ayeju, people will just leave what they should teach their members to do, tell them what jesus thought us and leave bangle, attachment, trousers, make-up, out of this, if u are convinced by holy ghost, good but still respect the opinion of those that use them without having evil intention in heart.

    • Miachel what really comes to ur mind when u c a man putting on skirth Nd blouse?. No sentiments plz just b honest.

    • Everister Miachel, please tell them o. He says they should not wear jewelries but he wears silver made of gold as hand chain. Pretenders on the highest level.

  15. Because you have the key to hell fire? Where will those who brainwashed people and obtained their resources in the name of God go to?

  16. So what of men dat put on suit,hold mic, and judge people?wah of men dah uses…….see dz ehn…. U dz pastor…. Beta seek ur wisdom b4 getting…. attention ….. ***u made me say men instead of jokers…. Mtchew

  17. Hahahahah funny but I thought our first mother and father where naked it was wen dey sin dat dey knew dey where naked and start looking for how to cover up so dnt be surprise dat u covering all ur body and head will be d chairman in Hell so dnt judge leave God to judge between u and dem who will be in Hell

  18. Don’t mind Lazarus. ….Lazarus don’t u av investment?….….DAT is called worldly ……u fly wit jets DAT is worldly ……ur son has company were he produces pure water nd bottle water DAT is worldly ……….useless pastor u only no ur self buh u don’t care abt ur members ………u pple will b fighin for offering money is DAT nt worldly ……if u don’t av beta tinz to talk abt u beta shut up ur mouth

    • Every anointed man of God has a covenant with God. I will curse who curses you and will bless who blesses you… Honestly I advise you wash your hands off anything concerning this group of persons

    • You should be careful on what you utter to men of God…whether they’re right or not, you have said too much bro!

    • U made a mistake to call him useless pastor, am not a supporter of Lazarus, but I can’t call him names,

    • Soo many of dem are nt men of God …….I may even say dey are armed robbers calin dem selves pastors deceivin pple here nd dere ……if I tell u d experience I had today abt dem u will baffle

    • U don’t have to insult him,is not a do or die affair,be very careful with wot u say,its either u obey him or do otherwise, he never force u to accept wot he preached

    • Ebube umeh abeg go get sited…… All of u are among d deceivers …..I won’t even join dem buh dey should stop deceiving pple ….soo many pple are dying in d process in d name of church …….

    • Chibest uzoka pls tel me a man dat is not called by God can he preach al dis tins,n u open ur mouth n call him useless pastor,oh…ooo,I pity u cos by d time u we realized DAT insult I pray it not b too late

    • Noh dear u don’t hv to insult him for any reason remember he is a man of God pls be careful of things u say with ur mouth especially d annointd ones Pls

    • Dnt tell me DAT ….hw can a real man of God will b judgin pple DAT dey will go to hell fire ……is DAT nt swear or insult …….hw can he be judging like DAT …….a sinner today might repent tomorrow…. Do he want to tell me DAT he is too perfect……DAT he dose nt sin…? ….As a man of God ddo he want to tell me DAT since Eva he got married DAT he has Neva sleep wit anoder woman ? Anser me DAT question nd stop talking rubbish……DAT question he can Neva answer it so he should stop judging who is to go to heaven or hell……cos d bible says!!!! For all have sin nd come short of glory of d lord ……. So u guys should stop talking abt insult cos he insulted himself for d first place …..

    • Mumu the thunder wey go fire u still they do fasting………fool u open dat ur dirty mouth and rediculios heart to give an insultive word to a pastor abeq try apply sence to ur word itz not funny and reapect dat ur old age with ur chilish attitude ignorance is a mental disease……Think of it

    • Chibest hav sense, u saying a sinner today can repent tomorrow,, is nt by ordinary power, they need to here the word of God

    • Onwendee king or wot are u called …..thunder will blaster ur family baster ur papa nd ur mama nd blaster ur generation …….God punish u punish ur generation idiot… I said it nd DAT is it….

  19. I never knew, but please where is it in the Bible just so I can prove to others too??.. A written law or a principle??

  20. Hmmm….No matter what he has said pls don’t insult him,he is still a man of God,either it is a sin or not,we ll all know on the last day but pls don’t insult him….I don’t know him ooo but we should respect God in his life

  21. Oga pastor walk naked naaaa, dont u kw tht ur cloth,watch,tie,shoe,plate,tred, and so many tins u use are from the pit of hell. Nonsense.

    • My dear u did well u have said your part but I shouldn’t have insulted him no matter how hurting his sayings are to u

    • I didn’t insult any one wat my nonsense mean is that they are talk rubbish. Wat they said didn’t mak sense. I did not cal any one’s name. Thnk u.

  22. Is a big lie because the Israelite whom God call his special property use it and God lever condemn them

  23. No matter what never you say anything against the man of God just know that everybody see their God in d/f angles that’s why we have many churches with d/f way of worship. May God have mercy on us all.

  24. Pastor I think you are actually talking to the woman in that pics…coz I dnt knw wat em seeing

  25. Nothing can separate me from my trousers,make-up,jewelry and hair extensions. Damn!, i love those babies. Hehehe.

  26. Judge! Pastors that turned his members to poverty stricken pple, dat doesnt even smile while walkin on d road, bt dia pastor lives a luxurious life. Dey worship u as d God dey c, n dat is nt suppose to b. Does it mean all ur members wil go to heaven? Think twice before u come public. Ogwusia ka ora m na onu. Peace!

  27. Only those that are sanctified knows the nitty gritty of this, not for shallow church goers brainwashed by uncircumcised and fake pastors. Take it or leave, the truth is bitter. Daughters of Jezebel sees nothing wrong.

  28. Hehehehe… dis matter eh I rest my comment, una wan make i talk against d man of God ba????? una no see me at all. Lemme come and be going

  29. Do ur preaching leave judgment to God u can never be His secretary, help D poor ones in D church cause is D church of Christ and give back D offering to D poor go back and read ur Bible

  30. So those people from the bush men tribe in South Africa or those in deep forests in South America who aren’t exposed to civilization and walk about their lives naked are all going to hell….. So are d Indians because they do wear alot of bangles and jewelries, so all Indians are going to hell, and all humans living in Moscow and Germany or in Canada wearing trousers so they won’t die of cold and frost are all going to hell… Mr pastor… U LIE.

  31. Mr man you don’t conderm and judge because a prostitute make it to heaven, a thief and other criminals make heaven, and u may be their preaching and the may first you to get to heaven, stand on ur own belief

  32. Exposing breast is d only sin i can say it can take one to hell but using bangles and makeup z nt a sin oo even wearing trouser

  33. Men of God preach d gospel and live d conversion 4 d holy ghost dats his job whoever dat he converts will no how to live a gud life and dress properly

  34. I’m really tired of all dis. Many stories… Dats y sum persons b looking like house helps in d name of Christianity.. Yet deir heart is worse Dan dat of a fetish priest.. Attachment nd thread are from one root…

  35. Rubbish. Stop deceiving people. U critisise them during the day but at night it’s a different story. Where is it written in the bible ?

  36. If those physical appearance makes someone go to hell what about the pure in Heart who wear those things?

  37. Phi 4:5 Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord [is] at hand. 1Co 10:23 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not…. I beg let’s just be moderate and appear as Christians..1Pe 3:3-5 Whose adorning let it not be that outward [adorning] of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; I believe in living by our understanding of God. Be led by the spirit, don’t judge.

  38. Dats not wat Christ preaching was all about it was all about love, pull them in with d msg of love then address their lifestyle, look at d woman that committed adultery according to d law she was suppose to be stone to death but Christ said if u have no sin be d first to cast d stone, let’s stop dis outright condemnation bcos those who don’t put on earring are not better than those who wear it.

  39. Which bible did you read that from,,,, Mouka has been deceiving himself and his members since for a long tym,,,,,,bur enriching urself from ur members is right abi!!

  40. What hell? what did the children of Isreal use to make that golden image when Moses went to the mountain, instead pray for God to have mercy on those living anyhow life.

  41. Were them write say men wear trousers. Even the men of old adorned themselves with robes tat have sleeves n the priest are to tie one their waist. Pls o, men Una Neva get cloth o, the Jesus film Una dey watch abeg and suit en wear abi D&G. Dnt criticise o, so u may not b judged.

  42. D road to evalasting life is very narrow while d road to destruction is very wide, thou shall not judge.

  43. I read some comment here and I just smile all I can say Lord have mercy on the ignorance of those who r condemning a man of God all because he say nothing but the truth, I mean the “truth” hey aanu se mi lopolopo. And somebody i know the bible even though am a sinner, so is the father of sin know the bible more than u yet he he was referred to has the devil, Jesus said if ye love me ye will do my will, why don’t just said God my creator, i heard u sent your only begotten son to die for me, help me Lord through the Love of your Son Jesus to serve right. Our life is base on the Word because we are created by it. If we really want to fulfill destiny in life the we have to walk on Truth” so that we will not suffer here on earth and also so out heaven. Read what the man of God said very well and ask Jesus help to us you. As a child of God read your Bible and let your base on it. Ko si abuja lorun ope, we will give account of everything we r doing and all that we have said, so i will by saying live in Spirit and also walk in Spirit

  44. Christians have you ever ask yourselves if truly you are committed to the words and teachings of the Bible?. You claim to love jesus and his mother marry but your love is false as you don’t follow their teachings. There are many verses in the Bible that matches with the Qur’an I agree with them. This pastor has said the truth about mode of dressing for women, from the comments I read, not even one woman accepted. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. Then why are you fighting with the book you u claimed jesus brought to you? The same jesus you claim you love. If you love someone you will definitely follow him. Following him is obeying him and obedience to him is following his teachings that the only way to prove your love for him. Do you really think you are following jesus? No you are not and on the last day jesus will deny you because you denied him in this world. If you are Christian you have to believe in all the verses of the Bible. In Islam if you deny just one verse in the Qur’an you are not a Muslim and when you die you’re going to Hell. Have you ever ask yourselves, in Nigeria today can you at least point out just one pastor who is a follower of the Bible? I’m not saying the pastors don’t say the truth, their are verses in the Bible which marches with the Qur’an I agree with them. Even the pastors you follow, you can clearly see that their is no Christianity in their church and family. Let me prove it to you. 1. No Christianity in family – as for the pastor been a man, their mode of dressing is OK because a man is known for dressing with a shirt and trouser which is enough. But what about the pastors wife’s? Every part of a woman body is private except for her face and wrist. I’ve seen so many big and small pastors snap with their wife which their dressing is against the Bible itself. I see comments of women saying God doesn’t look at the dressing but the heart(faith) I regard the it to be faith in God. Let me ask you, if you truly have faith, will your faith in God allow you to go against the Bible by dressing like a prostitute to church or anywhere else? Will your faith in God allow you fix hair? Look at Mary (peace be upon her) did she ever dress like a prostitute showing all parts of her body to the world? Did she ever fix hair and nails? I’ve if you read the history of Mary (PBUH) you will know that you are been deceived. I heard about Mary (PBUH). Islamic preacher who thought us about Mary said if their was to be a female Prophet, then he thinks it would have been Mary (PBUH). In Islam It is obvious from the evidence that Mary (daughter of ‘Imraan) , may Allaah exalt her mention, is the best of all women of the world. Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {“And (remember) when the angels said: “O (Mary)! Verily, Allah has chosen you, purified you (from polytheism and disbelief), and chosen you above the women of the ‘Alamin (mankind and jinns) (of her lifetime).”}[Quran 3:42] There are many Ahadeeth (narrations) establishing this point. The Prophet said: “Among the women of the Universe, Mary (daughter of ‘Imraan) Khadeejah, daughter of Khuwaylid, Faatimah, daughter of Muhammad(PBUH) and Aasiyah, the wife of Pharaoh are enough for you.” [At-Tirmithi; it is a sound Hadeeth] The Prophet said to his daughter Faatimah : “Don’t you like to be the mistress of all the ladies of Paradise?” In a narration, he said to his daughter: “You are mistress of all the ladies of Paradise except the Virgin Mary”. As long as Mary, may Allaah exalt her mention, is better than Faatimah that means she will enter Paradise before Faatimah . Another Hadeeth also supports this point. The Prophet said: “If I swear I will be true that no one will enter Paradise before the foremost of my Ummah except some people numbering less than twenty. Among them are Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary daughter of ‘Imraan.” This means Mary, may Allaah exalt her mention, will enter Paradise before the foremost of this Ummah (nation), and Faatimah is among them. Although this Hadeeth is clear but it is not sound; however the evidence mentioned earlier supports it. Allaah Knows best. You can now see clearly how Mary the mother of jesus, and also the daughter of imraan(pbuh) She is the perfect role model to women. So Don’t be deceived, you have no faith. Secondly, No Christianity in church – just as I said earlier about the mode of dressing for women. Even for men in Islam it’s not allowed to pray with a short nicker that does not reaches your knee. At least for men if it reaches your knee u can pray with it. Now ask your self about women. Judge yourself. How do u go to church to worship God? Do you look like Mary (pbuh) or someone who is going to club? Doesn’t your pastor see all this things? I remember a day I went to the mosque to pray with an armless shirt, I was sent back home. I was told that I can’t pray with it because when I bow down (prostate) to God my armpit will be exposed and my prayer won’t be valid as our 5 daily prayers is compulsory and the most important thing to us because when we die it’ll be the first thing that we would be questioned about. Now if a man’s armpit is not allowed to be shown, what about a woman? Our noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said a woman has

  45. D bible said don’t judge, everything is sin for u, tell ur wife sef not to wear pants nd bra, even Esther in the bible wore pretty cloth with an ointment and all things to purify a woman before the king saw her beauty.

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  47. Tell them pastor. Because things are getting out of hand in the name of fashion/civilisation. Imagine example of BB NAIJA. #girl exposing her breast in public. Not only that allowed a guy to suck the nipples. Damn!! Ladies wake up.

    • Watching it u no is a sin because if u dont watch it u won’t see it ND ur worlds are raw though real but be mindful of things u see with ur eyes cos they are sin

  48. yes that is true, bc d bible make us to know that our body is d temple of God so we need to keep it holy.ride on my pastor,continue your preaching and you good work so that on d last day dey will have there self to be blame and not you bc you have tell them

  49. The Bible says” Follow peace wit all men, Holiness and Righteousness without which no one shall see The Lord” Let others see Jesus in u. Ur Dressing, ways e. T c. Glorify God. Although, am still asking for d grace of God in my Life but, I don’t go “NUDE”.

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  51. Judge not so as not to be judged.. The lord said you should come as you are.. You can’t win souls by outrightly judging.. Don’t be harsh in judging cos even the lord is loving in drawing his children to him. Queen Esther made herself beautiful before her king and the king was amazed and impressed with her beauty , immediately he granted her desire.. A woman is suppose to look beautiful but definitely not exposing those body parts that attracts the eyes of the opposite sex. Even the eyes knows what is fine.. Imaging Esther looking ugly ,enslaved, old and nothing to behold in front of the king hmmmn what do u think would hv happened? Hmmn I think he would have ordered that she should be killed too. The eyes loves beautiful things even our maker. Men of God should put effort in drawing souls to God and leave the holy spirit to do the rest..

  52. He might be through but we all are sinners dts y we pray ND ask for Grace because if it should b by our making we can’t do anything but one thing I want to say is d pastor is Vry rich but majorit of d church members are Vry poor y


  54. Pls ohh if dose fins are sins, how abt d wrist watch you tie? D clothes u wear? D car u drive etc… were were dey all manifactured? If u say dose fins are sins dem we shouldnt purchase anyfin atall na cus evn d food u eat were u d one who planted n grew dem? Am not saying women showcasing breast is good bu am talking if d oder fins….

  55. I have not seen any where in the holy Bible that say doing make up is a sin.if u have seen I need to no. this thing is really getting too much oo

  56. The bible does not condemn make up,but it urges modesty,decency in order to give God glory. Infact,it say that whether u are eating or drinking or doing anything else do all things to God’s glory.

  57. If you truly know God and have the Spirit of God in you no body will tell you to dress moderate, the spirit controls the physical, you will be adress the way you dress.

  58. My pastor once ask a question that,people that put on makeups and earings and still preach they still a child of God?the preacher answered and sad,allow the holy spirit to be the judge he’s the great judge,so don’t judge people ,don’t condemn them just pray for them,

  59. if all these medias don dey hungry na so dem go fined one thing write about Mouka or Lord’s Chosen…. na only God go judge ona hungry men. better go look for ona missing President Dan to dey post rubbish for net

  60. Am not condemning any pastor here but am asking myself one question, why is African pastors like brain washing their members so much,the White dat thought us about Christianity, dat makes us know what Bible is all about are not condemning all this, it’s only in African practice these religion to the core. Nawaoo, most of these people dat covered their neck to d kneel have the worst mind have never seen. So for me it’ not by ur dressing dat matter it’s ur mind and and it dealings to all men as long as u are modest in it dressing.

  61. Don’t judge them.Am sure you’d say the same thing of that thief that was about to be crucified with Jesus but instead went to paradise with Him

  62. Heavenly decision is by d grace & mercy of God Almighty. Just treat ur neighbor as urseft & kip God’s 10 commandment


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