Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Yung6ix rescues his cleaner from being lynched after he stole over N1m...

Yung6ix rescues his cleaner from being lynched after he stole over N1m from him


Rapper Yung6ix was away from home and his cleaner decided to become the king of the jungle.

According to the rapper, he allegedly who stole lots of valuables including cash of over 1 million naira while he was away.

He saved him from been lynched by the mob and he was handed over to the police.



  1. He has already been beaten mercilessly by neighbour before Yung6x return home. Yung6x actually agreed to let him go after he has returned the money. Kudos to yung6x for that.But i tire for all these people wet dey thief oooo… Happy new month fellas

  2. If na 1 to 5k d guy thief we for talk say na hunger for 1million.. Nna the guy wicked oo.. He wan turn him Boss to him boy..

    • Yungsix was truly taking care of him to the extent he forgave him for stealing his nt 100thousand naira bt 1million naira, wat i learnt from pple working with celeb is that they eat gud food, wear designers clothes and luckily go places with their bosses acting as dia PA. So pls dnt say wat u dnt knw

  3. Everybody wants to be rich but no 1 wants to work. . i even saw someone’s yesterday saying he wants to be rich and he doesn’t care about the source of the money….. Dear mr cleaner tomorrow yungsix might not save u if u go stealing again

  4. What a heart of gold. Sometimes people don’t know the value of what they have until they lose it.

  5. God bless u Yung6x for saving a life for God will go all d way to save nd multiply u this year.

  6. Tank u bro as u forgiv him da king of da south da upcomin artist Multivator all young Rappers bliv ya

  7. Nonsense this youngsix have been looking 4 relevance on social but no way na thief cheeww. Guy relax ur music no fit sell 4 naija try american market abeg i dey beg.

  8. Stealing is not d easy way out of poverty so take d second chance dat God has given u and stop crime

  9. Taaah!! Blatant lie. For where? If Tyre hang for ur head, then fuel and lighter, my brother u re a goner

  10. For this recession you thieve person,1million and dey caught you…Mr man just tnk your stars say dey no kill you.


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