Entertainment News Yvonne Nelson Secretly Dating Nollywood Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon???

Yvonne Nelson Secretly Dating Nollywood Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon???


Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson seems to have found a substitute for her quondam Boyfriends.

The romance that started from a movie titled  “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is gradually becoming real for Yvonne and Nigerian actor Deyemi Okanlawon.

Deyemi who played the role of Yvonne’s boyfriend in the movie paid her a surprise visit at home recently.

Yvonne shared the above photo of both her and Deyemi Okanlawon.

The two posed on the same spot were Yvonne, a few months ago, had posed for a funny picture with her ex John Dumelo.

John and Yvonne were snapped while dressed in each other’s clothes. See below.



  1. pls dnt wish any1 evil despite the challenges they went tru cos u too might nt knw wat may kam ur way.

  2. If dis is true which means she don’t have shame to date another Naija guy,after abusing our Naija guys,why won’t she date her Ghana guys.Abeg park I want to sleep

    • pls correct ur mouth ok…hw cn u say ghanaian ladies are extra cheap jux bcos of wat u hav read here??ah u paa

    • How can u say samtin u don’t know, grow up girl, your words alone betrays you bcos humble and intelligent ladies don’t jux say certain words@ Nancy

    • nancy are u sure u ok??bcos d way u talkn now it sounds lyk ur naija guy has dumped u fr a ghanaian lady..just see hw ur naija men are soo many in ghana here??dey follow us anywhere bcos one naija frnd of mine told me ghanaian ladies gt all d backs,fronts nd face..we dey bee..we rock so dey are crazy fr us..if u dnt undstand u cn go nd burn d sea…kikikiki

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  4. Abeg stop insulting her…all dis stupid stories ain’t true.Bsyds y wud she go in for anoda naija nigga wen Dey r too short nd ugly…mtcheeww

  5. hw many naija guys has given her brokn hrt anywaes??is it nt only dat dwarf??so wat r u guys talkn abt?if she has truli fallen inluv agn let her be oo..she has d right to luv nd be loved..nd @nancy george plss plss watch ur mouth ok..hw many ghanaian gals do u knw to say all dat u sayin?a cheek of it

  6. so if u date lyk 2 guys nd it doesnt work out,must u not date agn??eeii nawa fr u pple oo..i even doubt dis story sef too

  7. myzz jah ah so nagiria"s galz r talkin fake agains ghanian cm to ghana nd see de ladies nd de gentlemens ibeg u people should park sme where 4 us to stand...

    aaaa so wat is wrong with de nijja gal day think day ar perfect oh i beg make u people park well

  8. buh she advised my dear sisters on here nt to date a celebrity man in their life time am nt too sure of wat am seein is true?

  9. No longer john dumelo u pple should leave her alone its her live she can date whom ever she wants to its non of anyones business haba pple just dey take panadole 4 another persons headache.

  10. Well…. Is very bad coming to conclusion wen angry, she said she il never have nothing to do with nigeria men that they all cheaters…. Hmmmm, I still stand my ground… Ghana men are too dull for my likening. Carry go! Don’t let your anger control you .Enjoy, niger Rock!

    • Coz they are gentle.. Noisy lousy people that what naija guys are.. Pls no one is forcing you to date a Ghanaian man.. They not even enough for the Ghanaian women.. Thank you for your view is better you see it that way, so u don’t tress pass

  11. happy datin bt bro harry and marry her dnt f**k her nd lue her other wise u wil be hoid responsible.

  12. Why did she keep dating Nigerians while betterly complaining. You got to check what’s gone wrong within your up-box,Naija guys are sweeter. Do away with fame if you desire a good home. Time is going.

  13. I wonder wat de hell is wrong with u nigerians serf,to dat idiot Nancy who is insulting we de Ghanaians,should be in case if u dont no eh,ur country men always says u people are too conscious with nd due to dat reason u people don’t date one particular guy at a goal,so u see! dis is de reason y Nigerians men love we de Ghanaians.How dare u even opend ur stupid stink mouth to insult us? nonsense

  14. Yvonne didn’t say that is the boyfriend after posting the pic above……Gistreel entertainment u guys are fake…… Fake post

  15. whoever owns this blog is really a half-baked writer!!!! I know u definitely know the reason why the guy came to Ghana, so why do u ve to write that he paid her a surprised visit???? is it that you want to open room for people to rain insult on her or you just wanna find a very cheap way to have more readership??? this guy was invited for the promotion of “if tomorrow never comes” movie premier in koforidua, so why the fuss????? and who even told u John is her ex???? smh :/ these are all rubbish bloggers amongst the good ones!!!!! find something which is more news breaking and worth reading than this black painting story on people! it doesn’t improve readership!!!

  16. You can see them at the radio station promoting the movie!!! blogs in Africa just sucks!!!! you got this pic from instagram and she stated clearly the reason why the guy was here but you never posted the one in your blog!!!! why didn’t you include their pic in the radio station in your blog????

  17. Lol if this is true that means she has actually gone back to lick her vomit abeg niger guys una too much money wise and every thing.

  18. And as for u Nancy George, may God forgive u for isulting all Ghanaian ladies on something u dnt even have any idea abt and bcos of a mere post which we even doubt its true.. I dnt blame u.. Facebook have open grounds for imbeciles like u to comment and insult anybody u want. Next time watch ur words cos I bet u it can land u into serious troubles. FOOL

  19. Yvonne herself posted this pix last week that her friend passed by to say “hi”. When journalists are working hard to win BBC award, Gistreel whatever is here posting false news. And that Nancy of a girl, your spectacle alone shows u r from the zoo so no need arguing with an animal.

  20. @ Pipi Nelson I am in Ghana and seriously speaking God knows I hv been wondering how come 90% of ghanian men r very short. What happened here? What did they do with their height?

  21. Hehehe she likes our cucumber. A Ghanian girl said Heyyyyy 9ja guys can f**k.. that if it’s a Ghanian guy he will only go for 1 missionary journey and dassor

  22. pls wat shows this story true….lots of pple havin negative finkin abt this lady…wat at all has she done?pls mind yur businesses and leave yvonne alone…aba

  23. @Faith Geleplay and Royal Akosua Sarpomaa you girls are here talking nonsense. The same Nigeria men said that Ghana ladies are cheap. So they will come to you and spoil your name. Naija guys said that Ghana ladies are cheap. And so stop begin proud to date them okay. Nigeria guys always and will always love their ladies. So guys telling you that are lying to you. I rest my case

    • U cnt even write gud English n u hv d mouth to insult ur fellow lady Smh I wonder wer u got ur education frm

  24. I dnt evn know why u guyz are soo concern about this date that’s her choice and she can do whatever she likes with her life no one cares

  25. Amebos even if she is datin una great grandfather is no body’s business, IS HER LIFE! jobless people.

  26. Fake post guys ..mind ur words CU’s she has reach were she wanted to be .n u get a future n stop insulting Ghanaians

  27. If about all is true den she wount husband to marry without her own husband ppil wil cal her BIIWA PAAAAAA

  28. when God gives a gal beauty without intelligence, the private part suffers . just another free chop

  29. u talk rubbish , she feels lyk a real woman wen 9ja guys handle her unlike ur so called Gh guyz…..★★ratty boi★★

  30. So what’s your own if she’s dating someone. Mtchewwww. Publish something humanly reasonable for us to add to the knowledge we have already not peoples private affairs. Enough of the gossip.

  31. Getting anoda naija guy isnt d pblem & i mst say pple feel wat deh do maks dem al & apreciat dair dam cel

  32. Mind your business, how many men and women did u all date ? If it’s true, can’t she try or she should just sit down ,how can she get her husby? Stop the cheap talks, haters go burn.

  33. Do u guys sleep with everyone u date ? Some of u people out here are the cheapest but no one knows cos u ain’t know. Shut up bitches

  34. When is she going to get married cityfather friends in ado are waiting for iv peace for nig dogs

  35. He who has never sinned shud tro a stone at dez love birds… Hypocracy will kill us Africans. Think abt how to carry ur cross nd not someone’s…

  36. If u’r a lady nd not a virgin nd also av ever dated more dan one, den shut up nd be ashamed of ursef for talking trash abt ur felo lady. U av noooo idea wat sends her into another relationship…

  37. What ever u do in this world they will surely find something negative to say about it so pls just relax listen to the voice of God only not any other bcos they will surely confuse you Nigerians or Ghanaians are all human beings created by God.

  38. Ok we hear ur story, but d question is…what do u want us 2 do now, kill her or take her 2 court? No tell me?

  39. Dis gal too why… Aaaa why do most of our GH actress loves to cross boarder like dat… Dis fine meat if U Tak give Gh man MAk he chew what go happen.. I’m sure dis is just rumors cos if it true paaa.. After all what Niger man Do her she still dey love Niger dick.. Eeeeei Then NIGERIAN FOOD 3BAAH” get power paaa Ooo


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