Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Zahra Buhari and Husband Ahmed Indimi Loved up in Cute Photos

Zahra Buhari and Husband Ahmed Indimi Loved up in Cute Photos


Zahra Buhari and Husband Ahmed Indimi Loved up in Cute PhotosEver since the much publicized wedding of Zahra Buhari Indimi and her billionaire husband Ahmed Indimi, the couple have lived a really private life.

The popular daughter of President Buhari and her husband look so much in love in newly shared photos of the couple.

Zahra Buhari and Husband Ahmed Indimi Loved up in Cute PhotosThe couple, who look playful, dished out some of their best looks as they shielded their eyes with dark sunglasses.

In one photo, the loved up duo are seen grinning from ear to ear, while Zahra’s rings and gold bracelets glittered in the snap.

"I can’t act nude for N5 million, that amount is too small"- Anita Joseph



  1. They look so nice and lovely. But come oh Zahra, Hw far with ur father? Is he still alive? Atleast let nigeria’s tension cool down…

    • This guy u too like gistreal.com, i have read not less than 15 of ur comments in each of their posts, U and one other guy Flexy jay.. U guys deserve award from gistreal

  2. Lpvely photos… When both are really rich, u wont blame them for being bright in their looks… Lovely couple

  3. With waitin day happen una still get time to snap Abi……Zahra, u better tell us what we wan to hear….is ur Dad still alive?

  4. Zhra is where is Mr. President EFCC should start asking her . if na another person them na them go fr!!!!!!! Account oh

  5. Na our money una dey use enjoy unaself na. Make una well done. You guys are looking good sha, to say the truth

  6. Enjoy your marriage….but pls…call your dad and tell him to come and finish what he started dear.

  7. Wich stupid looking cuite….. She is happy while d masses is suffering, dieng,as d president daughter she should be moved…. Hv compassion Dan take photos nd buy million’s Nara handbag….. Rubbish…. Go nd take lessons from US government(d kids to a president)dey live simple lives nd play roles to help as much as dey can…… Who u ellp wit ur bulllshit photos….. Rubbish….

    • Lol so she shouldnt be happy,and she shouldnt pose for picture How about ur dp,why did u pose,or it was during jonathan’s era u snapped it abi? Bullshit comment

    • Bia…. Guy, who r u? do I look like a president daughter….. Dat kind of post she is in she should kw Wat it takes…… I didn’t complain about an average individual…… So if u don’t understand my statement nd wher m coming from….. Don’t reply my post, she is a president daughter she should act as one not spending money on bullshit….. Period, nd I never said she shouldn’t be happy but xtend it to d masses

    • Stay dere make hunger finish u in Niaja before u talk….. U r comparing me…. An average individual to a president daughter….. Use ur damn brain,

    • I like dat Neyna Neen. U need to watch her wedding pix and,all dat u will be force to curse her. She even said dat killing will continue as far as Christians refuse to join muslim in there worship

  8. If de fada don die, she 4 no de smile lyk dis na…. Come… Myfriend mak sure u bring back my president ooooo

  9. Are. U enjoying when. Your father is in. Coma. Pls. Call. Him. To. Come. Back and. Finish. His. Work

  10. Ur papa dey kill Nigeria u dey love up… Issokey.. Wetin God go do u… No be ur fault na, ah no blame u sha.. Buh God dey #diarisGod

  11. 4get abt d smiles…zahra nw looks 2tyms older dan her age cus of nigeria condition plus diein fada


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